What if our purpose is merely to leave people and places better than we found them…❤️

I once found myself doing a few simple tasks that should have been a basic part of life but instead began to ignite embers of resentment in my heart.

I had just spent some time inside of our home fixing a few things and then moved on outside to tackle a real mess of a weed situation.

With each yank of a wretched tendril another seemed to appear before my eyes. Medusa’s never ending snakes seemed to be the ground with which I was working and suddenly the nastiness of her was in my heart. I found myself thinking, “could we ever live somewhere that starts out beautiful instead of always a place that needs to be rescued?!”

And then “she” appeared before my eyes.

I pictured the previous home we’d been in.


Rescuing Our Home

I imagined her old and depleted. Her feelings of being forgotten hung with every worn wall and broken hinge.

I felt her ache and depression; unneeded, unwanted, empty and ugly.

And then I saw us.

My little family happily working with small children running here and there as we gently began to love her.

Moving walls and brightening her shadows.

Lifting smudges and beautifying her surroundings with a few more plants here and a little weeding there.

Suddenly she was awakening. She began to straighten herself up when we were around, standing a little taller and almost giving in to a smile and giddiness as the children laughed and played.

Soon enough the gray shadows of nothingness were replaced with confidence and purpose.

There she was, loving us as we were loving her.

She had purpose once again and all because a little family showed her that she still had life left to live and something wonderful to become and offer.

Leave People and Places Better Than You Found Them

My heart completely softened as the sentence rang through my mind and heart with such clarity as the sun breaking forth through the morning haze:

What if your purpose is merely to ❤️Leave people and places better than you found them.❤️

What if that’s what it means to keep your covenants?

What if that’s your noble duty on earth?

People and places… better than you found them. ❤️