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Over 400 Easy Summer Recipes Everyone Loves and they aren’t just your typical pasta salads and watermelon salads! Healthy summer recipes to indulgent!

Who doesn’t love summer?! Summer grilling recipes, summer potlucks, summer picnics, summer barbecues and everything else under the sun! Bring on all things S’mores and sunshine!

When summer hits in Utah you’d better believe we all head outdoors. Whether it’s off on a hike or just swimming at the neighborhood pool we are sure to have yummy snacks and recipes to keep our tummies happy.

Notable Favorite Summer Dinner Recipes:

Smoky Instant Pot Ribs
Killer Burger Sauce

Summer Side Dishes for BBQs:

Best Baked Beans
Best Grilled Corn

Healthy Summer Recipes:

Healthy Zucchini Boats
Pesto Pasta with Zoodles

Summer Dessert Ideas:

Fresh Strawberry Pie
Lemon Drop Cookies

A photo of homemade strawberry shortcake recipe on a blue and white plate with a sweet biscuit, juicy strawberries, and whipped cream.

Most Popular Summer Recipes

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