Moist and Sweet – The Best Cornbread Recipe [+ Video]

A photo someone holding a piece of homemade sweet cornbread with honey butter dripping off it.

Homemade sweet cornbread that is moist and goes perfectly with instant pot chili, chicken noodle soup, or taco soup. It’s not a southern cornbread recipe, this is northern sweet cornbread at its finest! It’s the best cornbread recipe ever!



Cornbread is all about having the perfect ratio of ingredients. If the ratio is off, you get bland, dry and crumbly cornbread which is the worst thing ever. When the ratio is right, you have perfectly tender, moist and rich cornbread which is exactly what we have in this cornbread recipe.

Growing up in Washington, I am all about the homemade sweet cornbread. I know this is going to bring out some haters who say there should be no sweetness in cornbread, but that’s not for me. I mean, I’ll eat it because carbs are the best thing ever, but I have to stick with my northern roots and go sweet all the way!