My Favorite Lime Cheesecake with Triple Berry Sauce

An aerial photo of a whole cheesecake on a white serving platter with dollops of whipped cream around the edges with a slice of lime in each dollop and a pile of triple berry sauce in the middle with a dollop of whipped cream on top

Don’t even try to resist this Lime Cheesecake with Triple Berry Sauce!  Your resistance is futile, trust me!  It is smooth and creamy with the perfect blend of tartness and sweetness! Don’t let cheesecake intimidate you. We will walk you through each step. It’s so easy!



Every year my older sister would request a cheesecake for her birthday, and I hated that! NO! Not cheesecake! I thought that cheesecake was absolutely disgusting. I didn’t eat it but once it had been cut into I’d carefully take a fork, slide it under the filling and steal chunks of graham cracker crust. Sorry Mom and Jennifer! Haha, now you know!

I’ve since corrected my ways and embraced a good cheesecake, and this is hands down, 100% the best cheesecake I’ve ever made. It’s so creamy and so easy!