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Healthy Habits That Help Me!

Cooking and Kitchen Tips Every Mom Should Know so cooking dinner and taking care of her family is so easy. Tips like how to freeze things, and how to measure flour for better cookies.

Oh man, that’s one of the first things that I learned in the kitchen, how to measure flour and it has CHANGED MY LIFE!

But don’t you dare leave without our Instant Pot Cheat Sheet. You definitely want to know how to cook frozen chicken breasts in an instant pot and every cooking time you need for an electric pressure cooker.

What about pesto? Have you ever made it and watched it go brown? Well, here’s how to make and store pesto with basil.

At the end of summer when you’re picking your garden make sure you check out how to freeze corn too.

  • One of the most frustrating things to me is cooking a breast of chicken in a pan, believing that it is perfectly cooked, cutting in, and BAM you’ve got a little pink in the center. Oh! That just drives me crazy.  Here is how to cook chicken in a pan.

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    How to freeze fresh corn for up to 12 months!

  • A post on how to measure flour may seem a little strange to many, bu to me it’s a baking basic that is never taught.

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Healthy Habits That Help Me!