Never in a million years did I think I’d get to have three children. And I know the miracle it is. Truly, I do. And I know the pain of my friends and family who ache to be married and have children. It pulls at my heart so hard some nights that I wake up all night with their names running through my mind and praying for them.

Usually that’s my Mother’s Day, thinking of these three and vowing to be better, and pleading on my sisters, known and unknown who desire the blessing. And I have today, but I’ve been totally consumed with something more and so while I love these babies, I’m praying over women I haven’t even met in this life, but I’m feeling so much about.

A mom surrounded by her three kids.


Today I’ve been thinking of Eve, what she must have endured being the first to have to live in this world and figure out how to truly survive and raise children, and without a mother to guide her.


I’ve been thinking of Mary, a woman we paint to be perfectly kind and faithful. But surely even she had moments of fear over having her first baby and the talk of the town. Surely she felt overwhelmed as a mother at times.

Heavenly Mother

Did you know that we believe in a Heavenly Mother in our religion? That we live after the pattern of heavenly parents which is why we marry and focus so much on the family in our church, believing we can be together forever in heaven, just like them.

And surely all of the good women in the world are emulating attributes of her, the one us women want to grow up to be like.

And surely she is engaged in our success. Surely she wants to influence us to be more gentle and meek just as she is. And the more I’ve thought on these women, especially HER the more I’ve felt this sweet call that I CAN be like them. Slowly but surely, I can.

Greatest Women

The greatest women of all time are certainly invested in our success as mothers and today I cannot stop being grateful for them.

My heart is full.