How to Slice a Watermelon

I have always sliced watermelon the same way. I slice big circles off, run my knife along the inside ring to cut off the rind, and then chop in pieces. It’s annoying. And, I’d lose out on some of the watermelon or end up with white chunks. Then my girlfriend taught me how to slice a watermelon. It’s awesome.

First, slice off the bottom so it can sit flat on the cutting board. Now, starting at the top of your melon and working your way down the melon to the bottom, slice the rind off in long strips, so the flesh is showing. It make take a little practice the first time, but if you are aware of what you are doing you can totally feel your way through the rind and stop at the flesh so you don’t lose any. Continue all the way around the melon until it is bald.

Now, lay the melon on its side and begin slicing off rings. Set the rings aside in a stack.

Next, slice vertically and horizontally until you have cubed the entire melon.

Once you get to the end, cut off the top chunk and slice vertically. Separate it into two piles, so that you can work on a flat surface with the layers stacked. Cube again, and you’re done!