Third grade lied to you.

Well, kind of.

Did you know that caterpillars do not head into a chrysalis and slowly grow wings? Nope, wrong, they are not metamorphosing from chubby, ugly worm to beautiful butterfly at all in there.

But that is what I have not only believed myself, but full on taught my kids to believe for years.

My mind was blown when two weeks ago I was taught the truth.

Caterpillar Soup

A caterpillar creates its chrysalis or cocoon and then literally turns into soup. His whole self taken from something to nothing.

An unrecognizable, nothing can ever save him, pile of useless mess. In fact, if you were to open the chrysalis, caterpillar soup would pour out.

Each one is alone in a chrysalis. I can’t imagine they warn one another, “hey chubs, eat up now because you’re about to be literally destroyed!!”

In fact, entering the cocoon he must feel all cozy until it all starts falling apart and then what? Is he cursing the cocoon, yelling for help? Crying as he melts away, certain that life is over and totally unaware, couldn’t even guess he was about to FLY!!!?

Ready to Fly

Hey friends, if you’re sitting there feeling like you amount to nothing, If you’re feeling like everything has been turned to junk and there’s nothing left of you and no hope, then you’re finally there.

You’re ready to grow.

The greatest gift I’ve been given in this life has been destruction.

If life destroys you it’s because God is ready to create you.

You’re not a mess. You’re moldable.

Purpose in Suffering

I would know, I was once there too, and finally on the third time of becoming “soup” I didn’t waste any time, I looked up every moment and repeated, then change me, create me, make me into who I can be.

If you can find purpose in suffering, you can survive anything, and most of all you WILL become everything you never even knew existed inside of you.