I’m praying and watching all day to see the moments in my life and then instead of merely journaling it or texting a friend I’m casually telling the moments to my children… “oh I just have to tell you kids about this moment in the car, it’s kind of funny but I ended up witnessing a miracle and it all started with a windshield snow scraper falling out of a trunk when suddenly…”

a photo of a mom holding her young son and laughing

Just the Regular Moments in Life

Moments, I want them to see that it’s just regular moments in life that create the memories and happiness of life, the moments that testify to me of the Savior.

No grand events, for if they look for those they will always be left looking and never seeing.

But I can’t do it alone.

And I can’t be the only one on social media doing it.

We Need Connections

The last thing we need online is more messages, but oooooh how we need connections. Human hearts feeling the beating heart of another, possibly even thousands of miles apart but beating and real just the same.

I like closed doors and private lives, but I sacrifice that almost every day because there are bigger needs than me these days, there’s a need for vulnerability and reality. There’s a need for stories and people. There’s a need for gratitude and hope. And that all can only happen through you and I.

Our World Needs Your Story

I have felt it for years, what our world needs is your story, whoever you are. You don’t have to be perfect and the picture can be less than, what we need are teens sharing their hope in tomorrow, adults sharing their moments when they experiences hope or how they dug themselves out of a trial. We need men, good men to show the world that they still exist, and they do!! And we need women who can rise without knocking down those around them. We need peaceful moments. We need reminders. We need you.

Share Your Moments

What if every day you asked, help me to see the moments that could lift another, then share the story… even if it does start with the tantrum of a child or the mistake you made with a friend.

Every space of light online is one less space of darkness. So are you sitting and watching and wondering what to do or are you ready to change the conversation by participating in it in an even more powerful way.

Lift and they will rise.