The past few days have been rough for our little guy, but this afternoon I ditched our to-do list and snuggled up to read stories instead and you know what, he grabbed my face and whispered, “I luv you so much.” ❤😭Me too bud, me too. I’ll take every hard day if you’ll please just not grow up. ❤❤

Sometimes I can hardly believe how long the days can feel when in reality each day is a gift. These kids are just on loan to us from heaven and one day we will all return there to live with our true father in Heaven. Perspective. I need to keep a better perspective. Let myself feel when things are hard but remember to see the joy and not get hung up on the exhausting. 

Is it me or is 3 years old way harder than 2 years old?

And boys, oh my goodness, boys are hard!

This little guy is throwing tantrums and marking his territory like no other and we are scrambling to figure out what to do. But while we try to stay calm and show love I can’t help but remember how quickly our girls grew up and how much I wished they would be little again. 

So here goes nothin’. Screams, fits, refusing to eat dinner, you throw it at me, little guy. I’m in this forever and won’t ever give up on you because I know you won’t ever give up on your momma.