Someday he will be grown and gone. Someday I’ll be old and wondering who I am and who I’ve become. Someday I’ll miss those little feet and what they symbolized.

It’s the strangest things that we end up missing. I miss rocking and snuggling him in the darkness of the night when those should be the nights I once begged to end.

I miss sitting at the kitchen table and feeding him purred baby food, as now he doesn’t need my help at all.

I miss his alligator tears and trying to really pay attention so I could figure out what was wrong as now he just tells me and that sweet innocence that needed me is gone.

Someday I’ll miss those little feet, his little voice and the way he gets so crazy excited over such insignificant things like rocks, big trucks and a mini chocolate chip.

I’ll miss how he says, “mommy biiiiiig, and daddy biiiiiig!”

I’ll miss his love for snuggling and stories and how he says “Mommy, I want to hold you” instead of “Mommy hold me”.

I won’t miss the tantrums from today or how he escapes and runs up towards cade on the stand at church and how I have to awkwardly book my own booty up there to snag him. I won’t miss how he won’t eat dinner or the way he arches his back when I’m trying to buckle him in the car seat. But I will miss him. Even those harder things because there’s nothing better than toddlers. Oh how I love him.