Lately the messaging has been, “get out the way, men!”

But from where I’m sitting, I think we can’t make it through without them.

We need good grandpas that create, teach, love, and lead the way. Dad is always amazing at letting the littles feel important and help with literally anything he’s doing. He’s present in the lives of his grandchildren and I’m starting to realize that grandparents are just as important as parents.

We Need Fathers

And to the fathers. Oh how we need fathers. There’s something there. A stirring and swirling of lessons that can only be taught by them. Their love and encouragement that reaches deep down inside of small children and explode them upward into anything they dream of being.

Yeah, I think we need these men. And I think it’s quite the privilege that they need us too.

Happy Father’s Day to an incredible father and father-in-law and a husband who lives and breathes to love these kids. Take us to new heights, we couldn’t imagine anything better than this journey with you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️