The wind was whipping through the air and snow pelting our windows this morning. Our blackout curtains were only tucking us into our cozy bed even more as it was still dark at 7:00 am.

I love when it’s all blustery out and you’re under the covers.

I don’t love being cold though so the thought of getting up when the house was still slumbering, cold tile greeting toes to hop into the shower and attend church, yeah that was feeling less and less likely. I just wanted to snuggle back up to my pillow and sleep away.

Choosing to Be There

Church is broadcast now, it’s short and sweet and you can view it via a link online, it would have been so easy to not get up. Heck, it would have been easy to not even view the link as we are so accustomed to at home church. But as I laid my head back down I felt the stirring inside, if I can choose to be there, shouldn’t I? And shouldn’t I teach my kids to as well?

Not one word was muttered between us though I know he was feeling it too.

a selfie of a husband and wife

Being Where He Would Be

We got ready, let the kids sleep a little longer and then gently woke each one to prepare to be where He would be.

There’s a lot in the world right now, but we can each choose to hold on tighter, to be there, to feel there, and I think doing so will be life changing in ways we won’t know until much, much later on.

Easier, even good easier, isn’t always better.

Why Was I there?

A commitment can easily become choosy if we let it and today I wondered, was I there to be obedient? Was I there to be “oh I’m so good and look how I attend but where were you?” I had to sincerely ask myself that as I watched the sunset roll in today and you know what I felt?

I was there because I want to be as near to Him as I can. Some can only be home, and that’s where He will be, but wherever He is, I want to always be seeking to follow.