Angels Aren’t Always the Unseen

I didn’t realize that I was going to be shaking a little as I walked into my hotel room well after midnight. Nothing had even happened, it’s just that it almost did. 




Years ago I went to New York on a trip with a brand we were working with. I got into my hotel late and when checking in at the front desk I noticed a man about to get on the elevator in front of me. I walked along as he held the door open and before getting on the front desk employee, a man in his 40s I’d guess, called out urgently to me to wait and come back to the desk.

I turned around and he said there was an issue and I walked back with him. When we got to the desk and the elevator closed he told me that he had a strange feeling to not let me get on that elevator with the man who was already inside. He apologized and admitted it sounded a little crazy but he knew what he felt. 🤯

I honestly was so shaken up I couldn’t even think other than to thank him. A few minutes passed and he and the lady working helped me up to my room, apologizing again for the delay and I triple locked the door behind me. I felt super uncomfortable and almost afraid but suddenly I felt a stillness.

I was a little fearful but not afraid. Do you know what I mean?

I believe that man probably saved my life or saved me from a bad experience.

Angels aren’t always the unseen, but sometimes the people right here with us. So do we believe in angels? Yes, both the seen and unseen.

My life has been preserved from many unusual experiences and I feel certain that it’s to remind me of my purpose on this earth. Even in the darkest moments we can still find peace if we seek for the light, but even when we aren’t, he is still seeking us, trying to reach out and save us. I feel peace because of him.

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15 comments on “Angels Aren’t Always the Unseen”

  1. Praying and believing to god will guarantee our peace, happiness and safety. Same as your experiences, I’ve been through there. It is quite scary! The lights will lead us in the right path.

  2. Just discovered your site and love it! Thanks for sharing this personal experience. It reminded me of one that I’d forgotten when my mother and I were traveling with my nephew (her grandson) who was pretty young at the time. We were traveling and needed to stop and eat and we happened to be in a more sketchy area. My nephew had to go to the bathroom, and there wasn’t a family or private one in the restaurant. When he went in, immediately two gentlemen who’d been sitting there shooting the breeze and who weren’t eating, followed him in. Both my mother and I immediately had this yucky feeling. I looked at her and we were thinking the same thing. She jumped up and went to the door, opened it, and kept calling his name. Nothing happened, for which we were so grateful. It’s a good reminder to listen and act, as well as accept help from others!

  3. nah you sound crazy

  4. Powerful story about listening to the Spirit. Thank goodness that hotel employee listened to that prompting. My friend told me a similar story that I’ve never forgotten. Her 3 sisters were leaving a late night show in Las Vegas, and were chattering away with each other. As they entered a parking garage elevator there were two large muscular men in the elevator who quietly watched them. The sisters suddenly felt uneasy as they entered the elevator but continued to chat. When the elevator door opened to their level all three of them heard a prompting voice in their head loudly tell them to RUN!  Without saying a word to each other about it they took off and got out of there as quick as they could. They were thankful to not find out what would’ve happened if they hadn’t listened. 

  5. Thank You For Sharing Your Faith Moment….🙏❤️

  6. I do strongly agree with You on this. Let me put it Bluntly GOD has watched over me ALL MY LIFE and things do happen when I don’t expect them. And One of His Angles are watching over Me, Many a time I’ve been told to tell someone something and I walk away a lot of time I never know what I’ve said. But I do trust Bin God He lets me know I have done what he wants. And when I do not , let me say it’s no fun getting BOPPED on the Back of the Head To say Hello get it together.

  7. This is powerful! I too have had similar experiences. Thanks for sharing yours and testifying of angels seen and unseen. 

  8. I absolutely Love getting my daily notifications from you guys!!! Not only do I get some great recipes, but also inspiration 😍😍😍