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Buttermilk Pork Chops

The absolute best grilled pork chops #recipe ever. Had no idea I could love a buttermilk pork chop this much! ohsweetbasil.com

As you all know, I was hanging out in Florida for BlogHer Food and I had the chance to attend a little forum put on by California Dairy. It was such a blast and I left ready to get back into my kitchen and whip up something fantastic. In fact, even though it was so much fun not worrying about cooking any of my meals I really did want to get back to it. And then I got home and life happened. These buttermilk pork chops actually were the result of totally spacing getting dinner ready. Look, everyone can’t be on top of dinner all the time.

The absolute best grilled pork chops #recipe ever. Had no idea I could love a buttermilk pork chop this much! ohsweetbasil.com

Boy, I had no clue just how darn good I had it growing up. Seriously. My mom or dad woke me up (often by singing “it’s time to get up, it’s time to get up, it’s time to get up in the morning!”), they made sure I remembered important events, helped me with my assignments at school, did all the grocery shopping, paid the bills and I always had a meal ready for me in the evening. Always. I don’t remember Mom ever telling us to fend for ourselves or that is was Breakfast for Dinner, well unless it was a Saturday. How did she do it? I’m such a tired mom and not only that but sometimes just the thought of thinking of something to make is exhausting to me. I guess I let myself relax a bit too much in Florida because when I got home I went about my day and 4:30 hit and I realized I had nothing defrosting for dinner nor had I gone to the grocery store (which I love doing so I’d told Cade I’d do it when I got back). Apparently they had eaten my famous buttermilk syrup one morning as there was buttermilk in the fridge. So, what’s a girl to do when the family is going to be hungry in an hour and a trip to the store sounds like torture? Toss it all in a bag of course and let the inspiring weekend work its way into dinner.

The absolute best grilled pork chops #recipe ever. Had no idea I could love a buttermilk pork chop this much! ohsweetbasil.com

I threw a little olive oil, buttermilk and Johnny’s Garlic Spread Seasoning into a Ziploc bag, smooshed it all together, Cade looked me like, “either this is going to be awesome or we may be having pancakes, but I’m with ya either way,” and I plopped in the pork chops. Pork chops don’t get made enough. Come on people, if you make them right they are awesome! Plus, I was trying to let things inspire me like I learned at BlogHer Food. I knew I loved a good sauce on my pork chops so why not try a marinade instead? Anyway, we let them marinate while I started on mashed potatoes then we grilled those babies up. That California Buttermilk is so rich and fantastic I was just crossing my fingers it would make the pork amazing. And, it did. Oh my goodness it was good. No, better than good, they were absolutely juicy and flavorful. So see, maybe I’m not as on top of things as my mom, but I’m still keeping my head above water and maybe one day I’ll learn to swim.

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Anyway, Kristy from Sweet Treats and More and I attended a fun cooking demo with California Dairy and Chef Giorgio which was just amazing. He chatted with us about how California Dairy uses real farmers to create high quality dairy products and how he loves to really play around with flavors, textures and even temperatures (later that night at his restaurant we even had beautiful heirloom tomatoes with frozen coconut milk. It was amazing!). I especially loved how he talked about cheeses and letting them inspire you (you can find a full list of California cheeses here). So instead of a Mozzarella pizza he changed it to a Oaxaca Mexican cheese, switched to a Spanish sauce and cilantro instead of basil and he had a whole new pizza. Love the idea of playing around and letting where the product comes from inspire you. Which, as you read above actually brought about this meal.

Image-1 (1)

And really quick, you guys, his restaurant was amazing. We had this amazing grilled cheese on garlic bread with guava on top. MY SWEET DELICIOUSNESS it was good. I could go on and on but check my Instagram under @ohsweetbasil if you want to see more. I cannot even explain everything, but if you’re ever in Miami you must visit The Eating House.


What Is Buttermilk?

Originally, buttermilk was the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cultured cream.

These days, buttermilk is usually made by introducing a bacteria culture to low-fat milk and then heating the mixture.

Buttermilk is produced from cow’s milk and has a characteristically intense sour taste caused by lactic acid bacteria.

Buttermilk is low in fat and contains most of the protein originally in the milk.

What Can You Substitute For Buttermilk?

For each cup of buttermilk, you can use 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice plus enough milk to measure 1 cup.

Stir, then let stand for 5 minutes.

You can also use 1 cup of plain yogurt or 1-3/4 teaspoons cream of tartar plus 1 cup milk.

Can Pork Chops Be Pink?

Pork with a bit of pink is perfectly fine.

The USDA said its Food Safety and Inspection Service found that cooking pork to a temperature of 145 degrees and letting it rest for three minutes is just as safe as cooking it to a higher temperature.

Pork that has been cooked to 145 degrees may still look a little pink, but it is safe to eat.


Buttermilk Pork Chops

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The absolute best grilled pork chops #recipe ever. Had no idea I could love a pork chop this much! ohsweetbasil.com

Best Grilled Pork Chops

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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 14 minutes
Total Time: 34 minutes
Servings: 4 -6 servings


  • 4-6 boneless pork chops
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 3/4 cup California Buttermilk
  • 1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon Johnny's Garlic Spread and Seasoning


  • In a large ziploc bag, combine the olive oil, buttermilk and garlic spread seasoning.
  • Smoosh everything together and add the pork.
  • Press out the air and close the bag. Allow to sit in the marinade for 20 minutes, up to all day.
  • Place the bag on the counter and allow to rest at room temperature for 10-15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, heat the grill to high heat.
  • Add the pork chops, discarding any marinade.
  • Turn the heat down to medium and allow to cook for 5-7 minutes if they are thick pork chops or 4-5 if they are thin.
  • Turn the meat over and continue cooking until you reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees or another 5-7 minutes.
  • Let the pork rest for 8-10 minutes before eating.
  • Yes, it will make a difference and be much juicier.


left overs will keep for 3-4 days in the refrigerator
Nutrition Facts
Best Grilled Pork Chops
Amount Per Serving (1 g)
Calories 417
% Daily Value*
Cholesterol 91.9mg31%
Carbohydrates 3.8g1%
Fiber 0.4g2%
Sugar 1.5g2%
Protein 31.6g63%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Our Family’s Christmas Favorites! 🎄

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  • We loved this recipe!  The pork was so juciy and tender.  Will make it again!  We ended up using freekeh and corn as a side – wanted mash potratos but used what we had.  Wonderful meal!  So easy, too. 

    • Reply
    • Yay! So glad you enjoyed it and your sides sound delish!!

      • Reply
  • Hi, I am anxious to try this recipe but can’t find Johnny’s seasoning. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

    • Reply
    • Hi Linda, You can use any garlic seasoning. We just like that johnnys has parsley etc so look for a seasoning jar with extras and not just plain garlic. 🙂

      • Reply
  • Sorry, but to me, this was a terrible thing to do to a pork chop. The buttermilk did not enhance the flavor in any way, In fact, it negatively altered the sweet taste of pork and made it taste like deli meat! Buttermilk marinades work beautifully for chicken and fish, but I’ll never insult a pork chop with it again. I love the taste of pork too much to destroy it.

    • Reply
    • Hi Sharon, I’m sorry it didn’t turn out for you. We make it often and have never had that experience. Best to you and yours.

      • Reply
  • Hi — Is johnny’s garlic spread and seasoning anything like Lawry’s garlic spread? Will that work instead? I don’t see johnny’s anywhere in any of our local supermarkets.

    • Reply
    • It’s definitely really similar. 🙂

      • Reply
  • My family just finished eating this. So juicy and flavorful. THANK YOU for this delicious recipe. I just discovered your site and I love it. I like food that it’s a little different, but if I go too exotic, I leave my husband and kids behind. Your twists on classic dishes are JUST right.

    • Reply
    • Thank you so very much, Lindsay!!! That’s exactly what we were hoping from this blog so we are just thrilled~

      • Reply
  • I just made these tonight. They are soooo good!!! they were very juicy and the flavor was great!

    • Reply
    • That is awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing Debbie!

      • Reply
  • Ah, the memories. That meal was CRAZY. Here’s to many more (CA) cheesy adventures!

    • Reply
    • Absolutely! Good food and company are my two favorite things!

      • Reply
  • Ahhh…that DINNER!!! I want to go back to Florida just to eat at The Eating House Again!! I had such a blast with you at BlogHer! I’m so happy we met! You are such a fun and inspiring person. And I love this pork chop recipe! I always struggle with how to cook chops so I rarely ever make them. This will be added to my dinner rotation! Thanks again for such a great time – go CA Dairy!! 😉

    • Reply
    • I’m so glad we got to hang at that dinner, but I would have loved to see more of you!

      • Reply
  • I think these really are the best pork chops ever. Seriously drooling over these pics!

    • Reply
    • Thanks Matt!

      • Reply
  • Hi Carrian! I love pork so much that I never get tired of eating adobo every single day, and pork chops are what our boys usually request for lunch. Thanks to this post, I can make the recipe a lil bit different next time, as we’re not used to buttermilk in all our meaty meals.

    • Reply
    • That’s awesome. Hope you like it!

      • Reply
  • This does sound amazing! Summer is here and I want everything grilled.

    • Reply
  • Oh man this looks amazing! That demo was so tasty, I wish I had gone to The Eating House!! Thanks for sharing an easy recipe that I can make on a weeknight!
    P.s My parents were totally the same growing up, I don’t think I could have survived without them having everything under control! Pinned!

    • Reply
    • I wish you had been there! It seriously would have been so fun!

      • Reply

Our Family’s Christmas Favorites! 🎄