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Daddy Daughter Dates

One of the most important things I’ve learned to do for my children is to take them out by themselves. Having Daddy/Daughter Dates is our tradition.

Written in partnership with Capital One

It’s Cade here today, and Carrian is giving up the blog so I can tell you all about how I’ve teamed up with Capital One to talk about the daddy/daughter dates that are changing my life and hopefully our kids’ lives as well.

I’m excited to share with you one of our special family traditions. It’s not very often that a dad gets online to talk about taking his children out on dates, but maybe that’s exactly what we need more of.

When our first daughter was about a year old she had a hemangioma on her forehead that burst. It required a quick trip to an urgent care clinic as we couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, but it sparked an idea in me. On the way, home I realized that kids go through so much in their childhood years and it all goes so fast- I knew I’d better work hard to build a strong father/child relationship. Then when the really tough stuff comes up, and it probably will, they know that they can rely on me for love and support.

Afterwards, I took our daughter out on a little daddy-daughter date to make a stuffed animal and that’s when the tradition started.

Fast forward many years, haha, and now I’ve got a whole list of ideas about daddy/daughter dates and how the new Capital One Savor Card encourages memorable family outings like these. Creating moments with your family, and in my case, especially with my children, is exactly what Capital One looks to reward.

Capital One Savor Credit Cards Rewards You

Let me explain. The Capital One Savor Credit Card rewards you for things that help you and loved ones create moments. So, if you’re heading out to a concert, dining at your favorite restaurant or wandering through a museum, you get to earn back 4% cash back. Then if it’s grocery shopping (which eating together at home totally creates memories too) you get 2% cash back at grocery stores, and don’t worry, you also get 1% cash back on all other purchases so you’re always winning.

Daddy/Daughter Date Night Ideas

All things that let you have time alone to really talk and connect with your children is important, but these are some of my favorites and why:

  • Museum of Natural Curiosity – Thanksgiving Point- This is not your normal, look-at-exhibits-quietly museum. The Museum of Natural Curiosity allows kids to run around and explore new things like the “Water Works” room where kids get to hook up hoses and tubes to create paths for the water. Then there is “Kidopolis” where children pretend to work at a bank in the town area or be a veterinarian at the animal hospital. The list goes on and on. It’s better than just playing with your kids because they are learning and using their imaginations in new ways!
  • Mountain West Ballet– Alright, I’ll admit that when Carrian recommended taking our oldest to the ballet I was pretty hesitant. I had never been and wasn’t really excited about it. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was awesome. Watching your daughter’s eyes light up as she takes in the scenery, the story, and the incredibly talented dancers is magical. And really, the dancers are amazing, so even if you haven’t ever visited the ballet, you should.

Both are entertainment too, so you get to enjoy time with those little cuties and get rewarded for it if you’re using the Capital One Savor® Card.

Dining Out

We love eating out together on our little outings. It’s so fun to let the kids pick a place or try a new food and of course, take pictures of all of it.

  • The Chocolate- This is our absolute favorite spot for a daddy/daughter date. Older homes have been converted into two different dessert restaurants. Couches and tables are scattered around inside and there are a bunch of different dessert options such as, cakes, pies, and cookies. But the real winner? That would be a skookie!!! A big, warm cookie baked in a small cake pan, served hot and gooey with a big scoop of ice cream on top!
  • Settebellos Pizza I realize that I started with dessert first, but this pizza spot is a favorite among Utahns. The pizza is chewy and cheesy and some of the best, outside of actually visiting Italy, that I’ve ever had. Order the margarita and maybe a second to take home for the family.
  • Rockwell Ice Cream- Have you ever had ice cream so creamy that you feel like it couldn’t be real? And on top of that, Rockwell offers flavors that will blow your mind like, Honeycomb, Muddy Buddy and more! Man, this stuff is the best on a hot summer evening!
  • San Diablo Churros- You thought you loved dessert, but have you tried filled churros? San Diablo is a huge obsession in this house for those crisp, fried churros with any filling you could imagine.

When You’re on a Daddy/Daughter Date

Here’s the key though, these dates should be fun and they should be, but you’ve got to find opportunities to talk too. In fact, if it’s daughters you’ve got, you may not do any talking at all, but letting them talk will be golden. They will feel loved and listened to which is the whole point of these things.

I don’t know how everyone does this whole growing up thing. I love seeing who the girls are becoming, but it’s also sad to see them change and not be little anymore. I’m hoping that these traditions and memories will be the “molecules that make up eternity” and something to think about when I’m old and they’re all grown up. Until then, I’ll keep taking them out and loving them the best I can.

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  • Cade, you’re “hoping that these traditions will be become molecules of eternity” in their memories? You do not have to wish or hope for that, I can guarantee that they will be just that! I’m now 81 & when I was the age of your daughters, both parents worked & they couldn’t afford to do things like things you’ve mentioned even if my daddy had thought of it. I was a child of mother’s first marriage & my family used to accuse my daddy of marrying my mother to get me. Daddy knew several trades, when I was 15 months old he drove a cattle truck, then he drove for Central, then he became a carpenter for many years & last he became an insulator. At the age of 9 I went to high school football games with daddy or went to basketball or baseball games that the men at his plant did for recreation during the weekends, & then an In my teens he renovated a 2 apt. dwelling in a housing development that they bought from the government for $2000 & I can tell you every single moment that I got to help my daddy renovate our home thrilled me so much that there are no words to describe the experience. I Iearned how to put up sheet rock, tape & float the joints of the sheetrock! It didn’t matter to me that these were “guy” things because I was with my daddy & loving every single minute of it. Each & every moment was special to me. I lost him to asbestosis in 1969. I want to thank you for sharing this because just to type these few lines brought back to so many loving, joyful & beautiful memories & I could go on endlessly of other things we did together, of course there were family picnics, etc. but these memories were just the two of us. Your young daughters are very blessed to have your for their daddy.

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    • Bless your heart, Margo! Thank you so much for taking time to share your perspective and beautiful words of wisdom with us! Parenthood can sure be overwhelming and it’s easy to feel like you are failing or not doing enough. It all comes down to time and love. Our kids just need to know they are loved and safe! Your experiences just reaffirm that! Thank you again for your kind words! Xoxo!

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