“Remember when you got that water bra?”

Oh my gosh, Mom, don’t say that!!!😂😂😂

Things mom says to liven things up and get us both to laugh naturally during her first ever cookbook shoot for our upcoming cookbook next spring!!

A photo of a mother and daughter laughing and making cookies in the kitchen.

Oh how I wish you could know her. There’s no one who would pull you in tighter, love you any deeper, stand with any longer, make you laugh harder or prayer for you with faith any more perfect-er (just to keep this thing flowing) with faith beyond what’s humanly possible than her.

And yes, I really did have a water bra and I know exactly who I bought it with because she got one too, and it’s not my mom 😂!! Hello jr high!

Come on, didn’t you do anything that seems ridiculous now? I remember the girls that shaved off their eyebrows 🤨🤣 TRUE. STORY.