cade and carrian oh sweet basil The Oh Sweet Basil Cookbook

For the past few months we’ve been pretty much crazy. Crazy with a new baby, crazy with a new house, crazy with all sorts of amazing recipes, but we’ve mostly been crazy with a secret. The other day we headed to breakfast and got ready to reveal the secret to all of you, The Oh Sweet Basil Cookbook!

We always said that whatever we did with this site would have to be natural for us, never interfere with our children and always be talked through and prayed about. We didn’t ever want the site to be something that kept us from our first job, being parents and second, we always wanted to stay true to ourselves. That’s why we only talk about brands we love and why we love sharing our stories and lives with all of you. We honest to goodness adore your comments and emails. In  fact, a lot of you we’ve come to know over the years and feel like friends.

A few months ago we got an email from Deseret Book. I could hardly believe it, they wanted to meet for breakfast. Cade and I had been feeling like we needed to get back to more family recipes and we needed to let you all know that this was a team effort and not just a one lady show. Well, Deseret Book proposed a cookbook on reinventing family dinner and wanted both of us to be involved.

The best dinner I've ever made, braised dijon chicken and potatoes The Oh Sweet Basil Cookbook

Wait, what?! A cookbook?! We’ve actually said no to quite a few offers over the years because they just didn’t feel right, but this, well this is what we had already felt strongly about doing. So, the rest is history. We’ve been testing, eating, testing again and of course devouring gobs of recipes for months now and we are almost done photographing. That’s right folks, Oh Sweet Basil is going to be a cookbook early next year and we are so giddy/nervous/humbled and completely excited to be doing this. We so hope that you all will come out and meet us, buy the book and invite us into your family dinners. Not the real ones, although we love other people cooking for us so we are totally up for an invite. Anyway, you get the point. Phew, that was a lot. So, are you in? Will you buy it? Ack! We can’t believe this is real!!