It was a normal weekend for Cade and I.

We stepped off of the plane and headed to find our ride to the hotel.

We’d had a very strong feeling for a couple of months that this organization (@ourrescue ) we’d felt to be a part of needed us, but we felt overwhelmed and undereducated, what could we do?

Just then the car door for our @tofw_timeoutforwomen ride opened, ready to take us to where we’d speak to thousands of women about being a light through social media in a dark world.

Many are trying to be that light even now like, @superhealthykids, @reflectionsofchrist, @derekhough, etc. but what could WE do?

I sat down in my seat just as two men climbed in with us, @matthewcooper and @timballard89 and our lives were about to change forever.

A photo of Cade and I with Tim Ballard and 3 of his children.

Power of Social Media

From that moment on we spent our time collaborating, how could we get these social media influencers, ones with platforms ready to be used for good to sign on? How can we let people know what’s happening in the world?! How can we SAVE THE CHILDREN?

We’ve spoken at countless events, shared our story and tried to help however we could but then we decided it was time to go big.

A photo of Cade and I talking and laughing with Tim Ballard.

Operation Underground Railroad

Our story became your story.

For those who are new, do you know what these fellow readers you’re rubbing shoulders with did?

Do you know what @ourrescue is?

A photo of Cade and I talking and laughing with Tim Ballard.


A photo of two women getting their picture taken.


We’d felt so inspired and wanted to join in but along the way the same thought kept coming to both of us, our readers need to be involved.

Maybe you’re new here, you don’t even know the special place you’ve stumbled into. A place full of people that did something incredible.

In 2018, the readers of Oh, Sweet Basil raised over $24,000 for @ourrescue. People from all over the world posted images, shared what they were learning and donated to a cause.

And we met their donations, bringing the total to $50,000.

A photo of Cade and I with Tim Ballard holding a check from Oh Sweet Basil to Operation Underground Railroad.

So Generous

We weren’t generous.

You all weren’t generous.

God was generous.

The donations were few and small the first day, and Cade and I wanted so desperately to truly help but didn’t know how to inspire everyone.

We prayed and fasted for 24 hours and woke up to a text Tuesday morning from @ourrescue, “Carrian!! Did you see the numbers?! Over $20,000 already! We met our goal!!!!”

But it didn’t stop there, thousands more rolled in and we sat with tears streaming down our cheeks, “I see you. I see what you did there, Heavenly Father. They are your children first and you’re helping us go after them.”

We’re Never Going to Stop

We will forever be touched by your generosity and are looking at ways we can do more next time. There will be many more next times. For forever. Until the next generation takes over. Because we won’t stop looking, we won’t stop fighting. To the children out there, we are coming for you.

Time to Act

Please, see our video from earlier and consider how you can rise up and help. Your voice matters. You never know who will see your post and do something, donate something, or even end up being the eyes that report something when it seems off and saves a life, or a few.

Right the second. Pause. Feel your heart beginning to pound. Right this second children as young as babies are being sold to be raped within minutes of you closing Instagram.

He needs you. She needs you. They need you.
I promise you that one day your efforts will be met with the tightest hug in heaven, “thank you for keeping your promise to fight for me.”

You can find more information by heading to the OUR website, to donate, to volunteer, to learn about spotting the signs of Human Trafficking and so much more.