I’ve officially got the heebies, nope, it’s more than that. I’m mad and I feel angry and violated and I feel ready to start a war.

Months ago I received an alert to change passwords on accounts.

I changed the password on Netflix and didn’t think anything about it.

I Hadn’t Watched That

Last week Cade and I sat down to watch something and noticed it said, “watch again” but some things weren’t familiar. I hadn’t watched that.

Then we scrolled through the viewing history and I just wanted to cry. I felt angry and violated, disgusted and a little scared.

Two months of all day every day someone in another place was watching the most horrible things on our account.

How?! How did they hack our account?

My home is supposed to be safe.

I did not feel safe.

A photo of a happy family gathered in the kitchen.

Time to Fight

This world is a mess. But this home and family is going to fight harder to teach important values, starting with the importance of families, bodies and identity.

And we are talking about pornography, the evil that it is. It’s not funny. It’s not ok. It DOES NOT TEACH SEXUALITY. It is not ok for men who have physical needs.

And it’s certainly not ok for us to pretend it doesn’t exist.