What is better than throwing out all of your plans, putting away your cell phones and heading to the mountains. In Utah, we all head to A Day in Park City and here’s what we do.

Deer Valley Summer Ski Lift Ride- Silver Lake Ski Lift

One of the very first things you NEED to do for a day in Park City is also our favorite thing to do in the summer, winter or any season. It all starts with a ride up the ski lift.

Head to Snow Park Lodge to snag your family some tickets and then walk over to the ski lift and get ready for literally the most incredible way to start your day out of the city. Deer Valley has the best views and the best run lift, so it’s really the only way to go. I mean, just look at that view!

We’ve actually mentioned this a few times, you always want to start and end your trip in the best way possible. A scenic chair lift over the mountain will absolutely take your breath away. Even our kids were totally in awe of the beauty of Deer Valley.

Deer Valley

Side note, if you’re planning to ever visit Park City let me tell you a little secret, all things should revolve around Deer Valley for the absolute best experience possible. We’ve been all over, seen all of the places to stay and eat and Deer Valley does it all perfectly. It’s the best and we aren’t being paid to say that.

Deer Valley in the Summer

In fact, it’s home to us and every time we come around the mountain there’s this incredible feeling. Our little guy is OBSESSED, “We go to Deer Valley?!” Haha, I love that!

Park city is unique in that it isn’t a place to visit or live, it’s a lifestyle. Everyone is active, and I mean everyone and they enjoy every single day living in this incredible place.

Deer Valley in the Summer

On top of that, Deer Valley is the only resort I’ve ever been to where the employees are just as happy and wonderful. I don’t know what they are being fed, but you’ll not only meet people working there from all over the world, but they are suddenly family with each other and quickly invite you into the family as well.

It’s pretty darn special.

Best Lunch in Park City

The best lunch in Park City is at two places, The Royal Street Cafe because of the view and the food or Deer Valley Grocery Cafe for the same reason. In fact, at the grocery cafe make sure you sit outside at some point and watch the paddle boards. It’s so fun!

Deer Valley in the Summer

Royal Street Cafe

OK, I’m distracted, start with that chair lift ride and then get off at the Royal Street Cafe for lunch and some lawn games. Sit in the chairs and watch all of the bikers come down from their rides, hikers bringing back exhausted smiles and everyone having the most enjoyable time ever.

Deer Valley in the Summer

The kids LOVE the pizza as the crust is made right there and it’s so perfectly chewy and authentic.

Royal Street Cafe, Deer Valley in Park city Utah

Royal Street Cafe, Deer Valley in Park city Utah

Cade and I love the burgers, and I’m sure you can see why.

Royal Street Cafe, Deer Valley in Park city Utah

And you all know I have to get hot french fries as well. They are perfectly hot, perfectly crispy on the outside and soft in the middle and the flavor is outstanding!

But dessert is the real star. In our humble opinion of course.

Royal Street Cafe, Deer Valley in Park city Utah

Do not leave without ordering HUGE chocolate chip cookies to take on your hike and a slice of Lemon Meringue Pie. That pie is unreal. UNREAL.

Royal Street Cafe, Deer Valley in Park city Utah

Dang, now I’d give anything to try the other flavors of cookies and that pie again.

Deer Valley in Park city Utah

Alright, now like I said, it’s fun to go on a hike with those cookies as a fun surprise halfway through. Hit the Ontario trail as it’s great for families or adults and the scenery is beautiful.

Yes, we were hot, sweaty and a tad exhausted, but sometimes you just need to show that every photo doesn’t need to be posed and perfect, right?

Now go get cleaned up and refreshed because the best part of your day is coming up.

The Deer Valley Concert Series is a night everyone must experience and while you may think it’s just for the adults, trust me, your kids will love it and every family needs to experience special nights like this together.

Deer Valley in Park city Utah

You can pack in your own blanket or low chairs or purchase actual seats. Sometimes a blanket is easier on kids who want to move around a little.

There are picnic dinners for adults and fun ones for the kids as well. For example, our kids got deli and pb&j in their picnic bags and they LOVED that, but the true winner was the caramel popcorn. So fun!!

Relax in the gentle breezes, the cool night air with the stars just starting to peek out and listen to the beautiful music. You can visit the website for who is playing when and get anything ordered you’d like if you don’t want to pack in your own picnic or purchase burgers etc at the stand.

Oh just wait until you get there!! It’s the highlight of our trip to Park City to hang out at Deer Valley until it’s so dark and quiet that you drive home with conked out kids in the back seat or snuggled up to your guy, totally changed and rejuvenated.