The Food Network and Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One just happened and
we used it as a good excuse for Mom and Dad to Escape to the City!

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central park path in new york city

My parents taught me that one of the best things you can do is to step away as a couple, without the kids. Normally this means date night, but every now and again it means a mom and dad only trip or least overnight stay. What kids need more than anything is a mom and dad who care about their relationship and that happens best when you take care of it. So, Mom and Dad Escape to the City, Grandpa and Grandma get to spend time with the kiddos and we all come back rejuvenated.

Planning a Trip to New York City

Here’s the only issue, planning a trip can be stressful, especially when a really big city is involved. I pitched Cade a while back on basing our trips around certain focuses and it has been such a blast! With the New York City Wine and Food Festival happening it was the perfect opportunity for Mom and Dad to Escape to the city and eat their way through it. A good old fashioned food trip!

new york city wine and food festival

The New York City Wine and Food Festival

The New York City Wine and Food Festival (NYCWFF) is one of the most talked about events ever and anyone who loves to eat (or cook/bake) knows it. This year Capital One is chatting about their Savor Card and it was the perfect chance to team up with NYCWFF because both are all about rewarding you for creating moments!

NYCWFF’s unique four-day festival brings together creative chefs, foodies, and plates of New York, ultimately helping customers and fans create memorable moments over unforgettable dining experiences. Using the Savor card, cardholders can earn 4% cash back on dining out and entertainment, making these types of memories even more rewarding for the person.

central park path in new york city

Couple’s Trip to New York City

Ok, so here’s the deal, you know you want to go, you know you can make anything happen if you put it on the calendar, so it’s time! Get your spouse, your mom, your best friend, whoever and don’t waste another year without traveling to one of the most popular destinations in America, New York City.

central park path in new york city

Forget about absolutely everything, turn off social media notifications, ditch the high heels for walking shoes (until nighttime when you get dressed up) and just get out there together!

dinner with emeril lagasse

Dinner with Emeril Lagasse Lagasse, Timon Balloo and Phillip Buccieri

We kicked things off with a dinner with Emeril Lagasse and I was so impressed with him!

The food, especially the dessert, was fantastic. We had a variety of dishes but my personal favorite was the banana cream pie at the end. You know how not all banana cream pie recipes are worth talking about? I mean, it’s an easy pie to end up super bland, runny or even over cooked? He nailed it. Rich, creamy custard, perfectly fresh, big chunks of banana and oohhhhh the crust!!

flour shop cake decorating

Cake Decorating with Flour Shop

Oh man, I am not a cake decorator so the opportunity to learn from an expert was a dream. Amirah Kassem was so incredibly young to be so on top of her game, and usually with young success comes a stitch of pride. That was not the case. Amirah was so kind, patient and totally fun to be around.

flour shop cake decorating

How can someone so successful make you feel like you’re one of her friends and totally teach you something new without you feeling lame? Love, love, love her and the opportunity to make this crazy cake!

flour shop cake decorating

Where to Eat in New York City

We know there are a lot of recommendations out there, but we were’t looking for touristy things, we were looking for the real deal. The good food loved not only by tourists, but especially the locals too.

Eating your way through a city takes enormous self control so make sure you pack some comfortable shoes and work out clothes. Your feet will ache, and you’d better get in a workout each morning to burn off all of those carbs!

  • Brown’s Bagels
  • Maison Pickle
  • Sticky’s Fingers
  • Bread’s Bakery
  • Julianna’s
  • Maman

Alright, let’s break it down!!

Browns Bagels

Breakfast in New York City

  • Doughnut Plant– I cannot believe I’m saying this, but we loved the cake and yeast donuts. Both are worth trying!
  • Brown’s Bagels– Everyone is looking for the best bagel and we’ve found great ones, along with “Flagels.”, a flat bagel at Brown’s. Just make sure you try the breakfast sandwich and add the avocado at least once.

Must eat places in NYC, Bread's Bakery

  • Bread’s Bakery Listen, you think you’re a real meal kind of person until you’ve had Bread’s and I’m going to mention it again below just to make sure it hits your list somewhere. Get the Chocolate Babka and the Apple Strudel. Make sure the strudel happens in the morning and they will be hot from the oven. Seriously to die for and the best Babka I’ve ever had.
  • Maison Pickle– Get the french toast, thank me later.

Maman, a must eat spot in NYC for the nutella stuffed beignet

  • Maman– Like Bread’s I’m going to mention this one later as it’s a great snack or treat, not just breakfast. Get the Nutella or Blackberry Cream Beignet. Oh, sweet mercy!

Maman, a must eat spot in NYC for the nutella stuffed beignet

Maman, a must eat spot in NYC for the nutella stuffed beignet

Oprah's favorite chocolate chip cookie at maman

Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate chip cookie. Yes, it has nuts but you can pick them out if you don’t like them. Most of all, it’s even better than another shop you may hear about. Make sure you ask the to warm it up.

max brenner

Lunch in New York City

There’s way too many lunch options to choose from but here goes!!

  • Miznon– Pitas stuffed with all kinds of gloriousness, and it’s in a fantastic location in Chelsea.
  • Sticky’s Finger Joint– Loaded cheesy bacon fries, need I say more?
  • Pickler & Co- Sandwiches wraps, all the good things.
  • Maison Pickle– A great spot all day long for any food, but lunch is a great time for sure. French toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch or dinner. You can’t go wrong.

Julianna's Pizza

Dinner in New York City

  • Julianna’s- Now, there are a lot of pizza places in NYC and if you don’t go to Julianna’s, well at least head to Little Italy. I promise both will offer the absolute best pizza. We were told to try Julianna’s Margarita pizza, my all time fave, but to add pepperoni. I was hesitant so we put it on half. Yes, the pepperoni is fantastic, but I am such a die hard for the margarita that it’s kind of hard for me to ditch it for pepperoni.
  • Prosperity Dumpling- Because what’s NYC without a trip to Chinatown for those light and delicious dumplings!

Must eat places in NYC, Bread's Bakery FOR THE CHOCOLATE Babka

Bread's Bakery for the Apple Strudel in the morning

Snacks and Dessert in New York City

Ok, many of the other places make a great snack or dessert spot.

  • Bread’s Bakery– The most perfect selection of everything from pastry, breads and muffins to flatbreads with toppings and sandwiches.
  • Tal Bagels– Because sometimes you need an afternoon bagel sandwich. Get double the spread and thank me tomorrow.
  • Boqueria Skip the dinner, there’s churros to be eaten and these are topped with ice cream!
  • Round K Cafe – Round Drop Cake. Your mind will be blown.

Our Next Trip to New York City

We have in fact done a broadway show in NYC, but that was not only a very long time ago but we didn’t really do anything else.

  1. Our next trip to New York City, we’ll visit some museums, catch some concerts (hopefully something outdoors!) and see a Broadway show in the evening! We would love your recommendations!

Kids in New York City

Oh, and after that, we’re thinking about bringing the kids! I’ll be honest, it makes us both a little nervous because it’s such a big city and we aren’t totally sure what to do with our kiddos here, so please, fill us in on the comments about what to do with your kids in NYC!

Is New York City Worth It?

Was it a busy, fattening, and wonderful trip?


It was all of it and totally, completely worth it. It was so fun buzzing all over the city and cherishing our time together. Only once did we get distracted with people watching on the subway and totally miss our stop. And only once did we try a restaurant that was not worth writing about. It. Was. Awesome!!!

Someday you’ll be older and life will have changed, why not go for it? Did you know that money spent on experiences versus things is the one thing people say they never regret doing? Maybe you will regret buying that crazy expensive pair of red cowboy boots, but you won’t regret the trip to NYC where you ate a nutella filled beignet and took in a Broadway show with the one you love.