Our family is living in a new city so what better way to become acquainted than to find the absolute best donut shops in town! If you’re looking for the best donuts in Davis County or Weber County Utah, look no further!

a photo of several different donuts sitting on a white table top from various donut shops. Each group of donuts is labeled with a little tag with the name of the donut shop on it.



Here’s where we went…

Lee’s – there are several location throughout norther Utah, but we went to the one in Ogden, UT

Bowman’s – Kaysville, UT

Tasty’s – Kaysville, UT

Dick’s – Centerville, UT

Banbury Cross – Centerville, UT

Parson’s Bakery – Bountiful, UT

Mountain Donuts – South Ogden, UT

Okay, so this post might have to be ongoing and evolving as we learn of new donut places but here are our findings so far:


Best Overall for Classic Saturday Morning Donut Runs

Bowman’s for Dick’s Market

I know, it’s two places, but honestly, both really were quick, easy, tons of variety and they both did the maple bar and apple fritter quite perfectly and when it comes down to it, those are the two donuts that are easily made poorly. If they knocked it out of the park on those two donuts, we knew they had to be our Saturday morning pick for classics. 

Best Maple Bar

Dick’s Market

It’s all in the frosting. I’m telling you, a maple bar is too classic to mess with so we get pretty darn particular about it. This is not time for a regular frosting or a drizzle of a thin maple glaze. There has to be enough substance and enough maple flavoring to actually make it a worthy donut and Dick’s Market nailed it! The dough was perfectly risen and had just the right flavor without tasting yeasty or sour and man, the frosting to donut ratio was spot on!

a photo of a single glazed donut topped with crumbled Oreo bits.


Best Glazed Donut

Banbury Cross, Dick’s Market and Bowman’s

I don’t really know what to tell you here. They all three nailed it though Banbury Cross has that light and airy yet still dense and flavorful texture that puts them as my personal vote. 

Overall Best Dough

Banbury Cross

Banbury donuts were insanely light, fluffy and the correct flavor without any oil taste. All the marks of the perfect dough for donuts!

a photo of a perfectly glazed golden apple fritter with a maple bar in the background.



Best Apple Fritter

Dick’s Market

Oh Dick’s Market, you have done it again!! I am super, super picky about an apple fritter. It’s slowly become possibly my favorite donut because it has such a sweet and bready texture all while studded with perfectly delicious apples. Dick’s nailed it for having enough flavorful apple bits, the perfect dough consistency that pulled a little as you tore it apart and the glaze completely enhanced the donut vs being an afterthought. 

Overall though, Dick’s won because the ratio of apples, spices and bread were insanely perfect. 

Best Cinnamon Donut

Banbury Cross

Look, until you’ve had the cinnamon donut at Banbury Cross we really shouldn’t be speaking to one another. It’s that good. Like, go there just for that donut at any cost, even waking up early on the last day of a vacation. It’s almost like the cinnamon goodness inside of a cinnamon roll exploded all over the lightest, airiest donut ever. It. Is. DIVINE.

a photo of a stack of donuts, the bottom donut is a sugar coated glazed donuts, a blueberry donuts is in the middle, and a cinnamon sugar donut is on top.



Best Blueberry Donut

Banbury Cross

The blueberry cake donut at Banbury blew our mind. Even cake donut haters will be obsessed. Or if you must love raised, their raised blueberry was unreal and beat all the others as well.

Best Chocolate Donut

Parson’s Bakery

Chocolate cake donut, chocolate frosted, anything chocolate belongs to them. Actually, truthfully speaking, if you ever have a hankering for chocolate cake, like a really good, moist, perfectly frosted slice of chocolate cake but don’t want to buy an entire cake, buy this chocolate cake donut. I 100% stand by it as a chocolate cake substitute. It’s the first donut that I’ve ever called, moist, and the frosting is pure fudgy goodness. 

a photo of several different donuts that have been cut into and tested with little tags labeled with different donut shops all sitting on a white table.



Best Powdered Sugar or Cinnamon Sugar Donut

Mountain Donuts

Ask for a donut to be dunked in powdered sugar right off the fryer, same with cinnamon sugar. YOU WILL DIE! It’s amazing!!!

Best for Kids/Family Fun

Mountain Donuts

Mountain Donuts just knocked this out of the park because you can build your own. Anything from candy to granola and everything in between. You pick the glaze, the topping and the drizzle.

a photo of five donuts topped with all sorts of fun toppings including cold cereal, cookie crumbles, and fun glazes.



Best Cake Donut

Mountain Donuts

It seems like there is a divide among donut lovers between cake donut lovers and raised donut lovers. Personally, it’s a yes to both from me! They each have their place, and that place is in right in my belly! For our cake donut lovers though, Mountain Donuts was our favorite! They are perfectly dense while still being moist and fluffy and so full of flavor!


a photo of several different donuts that have been cut into and tested with little tags labeled with different donut shops all sitting on a white table.


We want to hear from all our Utah readers about more donut shops that we need to go try! And for all our readers outside of Utah, let us know your go-to donut shops so we can stop by if we are ever in your neck of the woods!! Donuts for life!!