Over 65 Back to School Recipes



All week we’ve been gabbing about back to school recipes, easy recipes, make ahead recipes, after school snacks, lunch box ideas, breakfasts, etc etc etc. Today we are going to end the week with more than 65 breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner ideas to get you all ready for back to school season!
This roundup was compiled by Lisa from Wine & Glue.You can check her out on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

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8 comments on “Over 65 Back to School Recipes”

  1. I was very surprised to see no recipes utilizing egg roll wrappers! I use them for make ahead breakfasts and lunches. At one point I had 14 boys living in my home 3 of my own and 11 others who were in the system which meant most everything had to be fast and easy so I could get them all up and out and get to work. I would lightly scramble eggs make crumbled bacon and sausage add some cheese roll them up fry them and pop them in the freezer when they were cool. The boys could grab a couple nuke them and have breakfast to go. I also would BBQ extra Pork for pulled pork let it cool shred add a little extra sauce and roll the up Fry cool freeze the Boys loved them to take to school by lunch they were thawed and the school had several microwaves so they could heat them if they wanted generally the just ate them as the were(along with fresh celery carrots and cherry tomatoes) You can do the same thing with roasted chicken, steaks even Sloppy Joe’s to name just a few. Egg Rolls are so versatile and inexpensive as well!

  2. Oh goodness, these are all SO good looking! I don’t have kids but I’ll be making these anyway 😉

  3. Oh, so much yumminess to dive into during the crazy back-to-school time! Thank you so much for including my Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bites and Veggie Quiche Cups To-Go in the collection!
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground

  4. Thanks for including my Cheesy Taco Ziti and Pepperoni Pizza Puffs…Isn’t it fun to have something yummy for the kids when they come home!

  5. Oh my gosh, I can’t stop scrolling through all the yumminess! Thanks for sharing my fruit cups!

  6. So much awesomeness! All of these links look incredible and I am heading to check them all out now!

    Thanks Carrian!

  7. yum! thanks for featuring my granola bars. These all look so delish!