Rugs USA

Obviously those two things go together, right, entryway rugs and kids shoes. But it’s part of our lives right now so let’s get right to it.

I’ve been searching high and low for entryway rugs that were light, beautiful and still could help hide the dirt but starting to feel stinking frustrated at the prices and lack of options in stores. We discovered Rugs USA and got ourselves this beautiful rug. It’s fantastic and we even got a rug pad to go under it so it wouldn’t be slipping around everywhere. That drives me crazy when someone’s rug is all over the place. The pad is a must. We love the rug, but what we weren’t expecting was that our kids would care about it too. I can’t help but snap pictures every time I find them hanging out on it. Um, big sister reading to little sister? HECK. YES. That is the cutest thing ever.

After finally settling on a rug I thought we could take a deep breath but nope! The kids suddenly needed new shoes, an absolutely huge and horrible (no, really it got worse every single day) creak developed at the top of the stairs which happens to be right outside of baby’s room and the master. In other words, there’s no avoiding it. Oh and then our alternator went out and the air conditioner for our main floor. I mean, come on. I guess the curse of buying a new home is real.

kids shoes

We started with shoes and the car. The car headed into the shop and we headed out for shoes. UGH! Is it just me or are kids’ shoes absolutely horrible to shop for and not just because the kids are hard to please but because nothing exists out there! We finally discovered Umi Shoes and I’ve been ordering from there. The girls love them without any convincing, they are made well so they actually are lasting through our crazy weather and I love that they are unique but still stylish.

And in the end, the car has been fixed, and the creak is almost gone thanks to Squeeeeak No More. It’s this crazy easy drilling kit that goes right through your carpet. Unfortunately we have the issue on the landing which is proving a tad more tricky. AC, well that’s getting checked out next week. Let’s all cross our fingers on that one.

And I’m moving right along with baby. He’s still measuring small and we are hoping he will grow more so we don’t have to deliver until he has baked a little longer. And of course, still no name because we are seriously struggling with that. Haha, it will happen when we see his little face. Now just to figure out this dang nursery and the wall decorations. Ugh, frames and art work are so hard for me!!!


And finally, we had such a nice weekend in Rexburg, Idaho where my little sister received her endowment. It was a very quick trip and one that made me more sick than I had hoped, but it was absolutely worth it. Chatting in a park eating ice cream (that later made me want to die) with all of my sisters, roasting marshmallows over the fire pit in Mom and Dad’s backyard, and just being together. Couldn’t be more grateful that we have a family to grow up with. Plus, Idaho is dang beautiful. Picture above is at Mesa Falls which never gets old to me.