Our oldest daughter recently turned 12 and we gave her a Tween Bedroom Makeover in a beach theme for her birthday. We kept everything super simple but lovely.

Beach vibe modern palm removable wall paper bedroom

There’s nothing like a pretty bedroom to make you feel peace when you go to bed, and that’s exactly what we wanted for our daughter as she heads into JR High this next year. JR. HIGH. I have no words for that. I just can’t even believe it. A tween bedroom makeover was a must as she’s clearly not a little girl anymore.

Here’s a quick before picture.

eve mattress ohsweetbasil.com

The room was pretty empty, and while this is an old picture, not much had changed, though there was bedding on the beds, I promise.

But before I get too far into it, Becky Kimball Photography shot all of these photos as decor just doesn’t speak to me in the same way as a burger. 😉 Annnnd as a side note, I just bought her lightroom presets (you don’t even have to buy lightroom, you can use the lightroom app and her presets and no need to even get on a computer with a full program) and I’m utterly obsessed. If you love taking photos but want them to look better without learning the ropes, snag those presets, friends, snag those presets!!!


We kept a simple bed frame with mattress and box spring which isn’t my norm since I’m all about a good, classic headboard, but in the end we felt like it really was going to take away from the wall paper so we ditched it completely and I’m totally thrilled with our decision.

Beach vibe modern palm removable wall paper bedroom

A simple, chevron weave rug from our favorite place, RugsUsa.com breaks up the carpet and makes the room look a little more pulled together.

Every single rug we own is from RugsUSA. It’s almost ridiculous, but when something is good you just keep buying from them!

I’m totally keeping you waiting, aren’t I. 😉

This is not wallpaper.

I mean, it is, kind of.

It’s a giant, reusable STICKER!!

Beach vibe modern palm removable wall paper bedroom

Isn’t that amazing?! We found ColorRay and became totally obsessed. We went back and forth for months if we were really going to take the plunge and which print to do, but it’s the old rule of, if you walk away and are still thinking about it a week later you have to get it, so we definitely waited and we definitely needed it.

Here’s what’s awesome, it can be reused in a totally different room, AND there’s no glue at all involved. You literally peel off the backing and slap the huge sheet up on the wall. Which by the way, there were only three sheets for an entire wall which was so nice!

The printing seriously looks like someone came in an painted a mural on the wall and we just couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m dying to do one of our basement rooms, but I think we need a break from decorating for a month or two as the basement getting finished has been exhausting!

Beach vibe modern palm removable wall paper bedroom

The little plant in the corner is totally not a plant. Hobby lobby had a little wooden plant holder on sale as well as greenery, so I stuck a styrofoam ball in there, shoved in some faux leaves and called it a plant for a fraction of the price. Winning!

Beach vibe modern palm removable wall paper bedroom

The whole room is just easy and breezy which is exactly what we wanted. I feel like Jr. High is where everything changes for a young girl, emotionally, physically, friendships and school work, it all just becomes harder and we wanted her to feel peace when she comes home every day.

Hopefully we’ve achieved just that.

Beach vibe modern palm removable wall paper bedroom

Beach vibe modern palm removable wall paper bedroom

Rug – RugsUSA

Wall Paper – ColorRay

Lamp – Hobby Lobby

Side Tables – Hobby Lobby

Pink Pillow – Target

Black and White Pillow – Target

Duvet – Target

Large White Pillows – Home Goods

Pendant Lamp – Ikea

Beach vibe modern palm removable wall paper bedroom