What’s the first thing that comes to your mind if someone asks you, what did you learn from your dad?

Have you ever noticed that there’s a two way street between parents and kids? We think we are here to guide and shape but somehow there’s this healing balm that only a child can bring. We experience life and pain and find ourselves with habits and weaknesses but then a little one comes along with just the right pot of honey all hunger games style that heals old wounds and softens the soul… if you recognize it and accept it.

That seems to be the secret.

You have to watch for their strengths, fan that flame in them so they don’t lose it and absorb as much warmth as possible until the heat finally lights the fire of that gift within you.

Family is Important

My dad taught me to reach for the stars, this dad is teaching his kids to not just reach for them but to use them to light the way for others, and the little boy, our little Grayson, he’s teaching us to do it with a unique love for others that you have to know him to understand it. He really sees people and their hearts.

My goodness this plan called, “family” is important.
There is no other way.
It is the way.

And heaven knows I’d never have been able to fix a toilet in college if dad hadn’t been present in my life. 😳😒😏