Please remember, this is from 3 years ago…

A photo of 78 lb me in a mirror.

And then I was alone again. My heart was racing the rest of the day as I thought on that moment, that miracle over and over again.

As I was pondering on my tender experience the thought suddenly came to mind, and I mean word for word, “your home is online, call on it.”

Spinning from an already answered prayer I sat my bed up and grabbed my phone, flipping it open to a site with home listings. I scrolled page after page and nothing. Too big, too small, so ugly, too much work to change… and then there it was.

🏠 A home in an area we had said we weren’t interested in.

An exterior I didn’t like.

A yard too small.

A floor plan opposite of what we were searching for.

And it was perfect.

My heart swelled 10 sizes as I looked through the pictures. There wasn’t peace, there was a burning and the same words over and over again, “this will be home.”

I sat there with my fingers hovering over my phone, I was on fire. I typed Cade’s name in, knowing he was still at the church in meetings. I texted, “Cade I found our house. I can’t explain it, but I’m sure we are meant to be there. This is the link, ignore everything and just feel. I know you’ll know. Come to the hospital before the doctor rounds, we have to get him to release me. I have to walk in those doors and make this happen. HE needs us there and we can’t miss this opportunity.”

Cade came, my fluids and body held stable, I prayed desperately to hold something, anything down to prove I could be released.

And I did. For three hours I held a small amount of food down and our amazing doctor signed for me to go home that night.

Cade called the homeowner and set it up. On Tuesday we’d be walking through.

I got wheeled out those sliding hospital doors and by the time I got home I was throwing up like I never had before.

I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror. Standing took every bit of strength before my weak body would collapse. I slid down the stairs on my backside, stood and took a picture. A memory of the day of miracles. But He was about to test our faith. Our readers were about to come for blood against me.

I sat down and slowly began packing again.

I was 78 pounds.