A photo of a window in our home.

He looked like someone’s grandpa. All three had tears streaming down their faces and I was so overcome with emotion I could barely think.

“Miss, we don’t know why you’re here, but I have never felt such a feeling before. We are all feeling it. The Spirit is telling me this very moment that this powerful spirit is because of you. You are a choice daughter and God loves you. He loves you right here and right now, He is with you in this very room. You are special, and we are all feeling a great faith and testimony that comes from you. Your choice to follow your Heavenly Father is clear to Him and everything is going to be ok because you chose to do His will and what was asked of you, even your greatest sacrifice to do it.”

And then I couldn’t continue to write and the entry stops there.

But there I was. He couldn’t have known that I had been willing to sacrifice even my life to follow a prompting to have this baby. He hadn’t known I needed to hear, “well done thou good and faithful servant”.

Tonight will have to stop early. My heart is too full. But I’ll tell you this before promising that more miracles are coming And I WILL tell you how we ended up in this house, but first…

Friends, blessings and miracles come. They especially come from partaking of the sacrament. I’m there every week, 10 min early and preparing in prayer. I rarely visit or like to talk before church starts. I know the power of partaking. I know the blessing and privilege of sitting in that chapel, a place I couldn’t be in for months. He most certainly lives and loves and will meet you wherever you are, even with leg squeezers in a lumpy hospital bed.

I just wish I knew them, those three angels that ministered to me that day.