The Sunday before Christmas is a meal to be remembered. I’ve thought long and hard as a mother about what life will be like once the kids leave home and I’ve decided two things. I need traditions for them to pass on AND bring them back home. Traditions for my husband and I to keep doing when Christmas feels a little different or lonely but this one thing makes it still feel like the holidays. 


nativity dinner christmas place setting with plaid and rosemary wreaths

That’s how our Christmas dinner was born.


Of course there is always turkey and ham and the traditional holiday dinner menu, but we love to change it up a bit and make it a night written in the stars, literally. 

nativity centerpiece


There’s star lights hanging from the ceiling, a nativity in the center of the table and then a meal that is based off of foods found in Jerusalem. 

battery operated candles

I decorate with battery operated candles around the room (ps they come with a remote so turning on and off is just the click of one button).


Nativity Dinner Appetizers

All the lights are turned off, appetizers are held in the kitchen which include:

  • Hummus and Unleavened Bread
  • Grapes
  • Halloumi Grilled
  • Crostini

Christmas Place Settings

We might one day try dinner on the floor, big ol’ white sheets hung like a tent even but for now a table is easier for our small children. Because of that I went with the idea of setting a careful, but beautiful table that would feel peaceful but still special without being over the top. 

rosemary wreath name tag

How to Make Wreath Name Tags

I do not enjoy being craft, but I do like the order and special buzz that comes from names on plates. I chose to buy long stems of rosemary and tie it with twine then print names on shiny card stock and that was that!


christmas place settings

Drinks for Christmas Dinner

Depending on your beliefs and family traditions as well as guest ages your drinks may vary. We go with grape juice with sprite or 7Up because growing up, Mom would can her own grape juice and it was such a treat when she pulled it out and added some pop to it.



Thank you for being a part of our family too. We see you. We read your stories and know your names. You are a part of the Oh Sweet Basil family and the reason we do what we do. It is for you. Thank you for supporting and loving us. We feel so blessed and grateful for our followers. And now we hope you gather your family for a night under the stars and remember the real reason for the season.

The Menu

So from our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!