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Cade and I kind of adore you all. I wish we could all get together in a big auditorium and just chat, laugh and share. We have felt great support and love from all of our readers, but especially this past year as we battled with Hyperemesis. Three times now my life and our babies’ lives have been spared and we are fully aware of what an amazing blessing and miracle that is. We hope you’ll stick with us on our journey through life and maybe one day we will get to meet. In fact, we have met quite a few of you. Thank you for being brave and saying hello when you see us in person. We love that.

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As you may have noticed, we haven’t shared the names of our children, and we have decided to still keep their names private. I know, I’m no Julia Roberts and Cade isn’t George Clooney, but for some reason we’ve had a feeling to keep their names private so we stick with that.2 weeks old ohsweetbasil.com

However, we do feel like you are part of the family, and we want to share the best recipes we’ve ever created, our children. (HA! Aren’t we clever?!)

9 years old ohsweetbasil.com

Our oldest is 9 years old and she is teaching us more about love than we ever imagined. Yes, part of that is because we are learning that there is no greater love than that of a parent for their child, but she is also very unique for only being a 4th grader she has a special gift for seeing into the hearts of those around her and knowing what they need then acting on it. She is so quick to point out someone who needs service, a friend who we should deliver cookies to, a woman at the store who we should help buy groceries for or even a sister that just needs some story time.

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In fact, right before our little stud muffin was born I was especially stressed as I was getting more and more sick, our emails were piling up for the site and we had just moved into a new home. I came upstairs after cleaning up dinner and she had “heart attacked” our bedroom door with sweet notes about how special we are and how much she loves us.

9 years old ohsweetbasil.com

She is:

*Easy Going








*Tender Hearted



5 years old ohsweetbasil.com

Next up is our 5 year old. She was our hardest pregnancy ever. I honestly felt I wouldn’t make it through at times. It was really hard on everyone. She was also a horribly hard baby. When she turned a year we finally started to breath again. And I started to eat normal food again… long story but let’s just say she had major tummy troubles.

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Anyway, this kiddo is perfectly happy 98% of the time. She’s incredibly cuddly and loving. She is very smart and doing incredibly well in kindergarten. She absolutely loves to read and we are thrilled about that. She is also smitten with her baby brother and adores her big sister. There’s nothing better to her than being home with all of us. This one is different than her sister in that she will entertain herself. Maybe it’s a second child thing?

She is:

*Super Talkative  (we’ve had to set the timer at dinner multiple times because she will talk nonstop for 30 minutes and not touch her food!)







*Still naps (seriously. It will end one day, but for now she loves it)

*A Baker


2 weeks old ohsweetbasil.com

Mr. Handsome. Well what can we say about him? He is another miracle and our first little man. He is a great eater which is nice since our other babies had such a struggle learning to nurse. Which by the way, he would be happy to nurse alllllll day long. He has gone from the world’s best sleeper and happiest baby to the worst napper ever. He really struggles during the day but only gets up at 2:30 am to eat and goes right back to sleep, so we can’t complain.

2 weeks old ohsweetbasil.com

He is: (We can’t believe we finally get to say, he!!! Hooray for a boy!)



*8.2 pounds

*20.5 inches

*10 weeks

*Strong (that neck and those legs are so strong!)

*Gassy (ha! But seriously.)

2 weeks ohsweetbasil.com