It was a simple decision, but I have felt time and time again that Cade’s Sunday Night Songs were not only meant to be, but life changing in the most simple way. 

Sundays never felt like the start of the week for me. I always felt more pulled to the thought of Sunday being the last day of the week. When you were in school you probably felt the same, Monday was the beginning of the week. It still feels a bit that way to me. While Sunday is technically the start of a new week, it’s Monday that my kids feel the pressure of life again with. But Sunday Night Songs are starting them off feeling valiant, peaceful and content with who they are. 

When Cade first started doing Sunday Night Songs I wasn’t paying much attention. It had been a long Sunday and we were settling in, so he popped a song on, the sun was setting and the room ended up dark on its own. So there we were, lying on one bed, 5 people all snuggled up, everyone quiet, still and together. 

And then the music filled the room. 




And we listened. And kids began breathing slower, parents began to see their children again, really see them. The sweet souls who had been sent to their home, a gift, not a distraction from their to-dos or noses to be wiped all day. No, darling babes cozied up, their little bodies curled beside their protectors. 

Sunday night songs will continue until they are no longer here, and then I hope they will begin them in their own homes. Every Sunday night we cuddle up and listen to songs that fill our souls with peace. Remind each of us that we are important, that we are here on Earth for a purpose, and that because we are children of God, we are enough. 

Our Monday week starts off on a note of peace. Music can do that you know. It can brings inspiration, feelings and direction that could come about in no other way. 

Sunday Songs

We’ve done our favorite videos below, which is what our kids like, but if you’d rather have a bigger list of all our songs you can use our playlist. 

Go ahead and try it. Just one month, every Sunday night before bed, play one song per person and then straight to bed, sleeping on the tunes of Heaven. 

Forever- Nathan Pacheco

Come Unto Jesus- Madilyn Paige

Gethsemane- Claire Ryann

This is The Christ- Calee Reed

Broken and Beautiful- Calee Reed

Homeward Bound- Vocal Point

One By One- Paul Cardall and Nathan Pacheco

God so Loved the World- City of Enoch

It Is Well With My Soul- Vocal Point

Savior Redeemer of My Soul- Dallyn Bayles and Jenny Oakes Baker

Come Thou Fount and High to Kolob- Elenyi

Undeniable- Mercy River

How Great Thou Art- Piano Guys

Be Thou My Vision- Nathan Pacheco

Nella Fantasia- Nathan Pacheco

My Little Prayer- David Archuleta

Say Something- Madilyn Paige

Nearer My God to Thee- Vocal Point

How Great Thou Art- Home Free-

Glorious- David Archuleta

Home- Gentri

Don’t Let Go- Gentri

Oceans- Elenyi

I Will Be What I Believe- Blake Gillette

Cleanse You – Calee Reed

Falling Down- City of Enoch

Angels We Have Heard on High- The Piano Guys, David Archuleta, and 1000 People