Easter was amazing for me this year. That whole weekend I felt filled with this love and light and by Sunday it was brilliant, heart pounding, cannot deny it spiritual moments. The most spiritual day of my life.

I felt it and was grateful for it. I even took the time to pray to never forget that experience.

But slowly that light has faded. Totally gone and all that is left is a memory.

Just the Memory is Left

You know how you look at something and then close your eyes and the image is still seen? Barely the stars or patterns remain but the light and image itself is not there.

Phosphenes, they are phosphenes or the visual noise from our retinas. Or at least that’s how it was explained to me in college.

My week has felt like that. The light slowly is going out and here I am, left in the dark, only a memory of what was.

What happened?

Did I get too hyped up and forget to hold on?

Was I too absorbed into life or lacked worthiness and the light left? 


Appreciating Light

The sun rises and sets each day but it does not make us question the sun.

The darkness of night only makes us remember the warmth of the sun, take joy in the small glow of the stars, appreciating them without ever comparing the light and hoping on the brilliance of tomorrow.

Seek Out More

Be thankful for the times that your Father in heaven let’s you struggle, let’s the sun set and the darkness envelope you. For that is the time that your faith grows.

That is a manifestation, truly God flat out showing you, telling you of His trust in you.

And doesn’t that feel good to know the God over all TRUSTS you?

The light didn’t leave, He just wants you to remember and to seek out more.