Remember when I lost it last Sunday? I mean, I lost it. So upset, so annoyed, so done.
And remember that movie about aliens called, Signs? Each person in the family had some little thing about them that later was essential to surviving the invasion. Well, no aliens have come but certainly something has been happening.
The past month of Sundays have been the worst. So much bickering and fighting. I finally ended up kneeling on the floor of my closet crying.
No shame on this feed.
It wasn’t that night or even the next night that I finally felt peace and hope again. And it wasn’t that I was holding onto bad feelings, it actually was the opposite, I was reevaluating feelings.

Sunday Night Songs

A few years ago we started the tradition of gathering on our bed Sunday evening with the lights off and listening to a few quiet songs.
📱 no phones (other than Cade selecting the songs)
🗣 no talking
Just being still.
When in the history of the world has life ever been this loud?
There have been wars, destruction, pandemics and chaos, but when has there been social media to blast it so readily?
In elementary school I became afraid of our house catching on fire because of all our fire drills. I’d hear a fire truck while sitting at my desk and my heart would race, what if it was my house?!

Learning Peace

Now kids are bombarded with more than they can understand yet.
In a world that is loud, in a world where fear is the common emotion propelling movement, I need my kids to learn peace, to be quiet and still.
When they feel fear or anger in the future maybe they will be able to identify it because they’ve been taught stillness so much. Allowed to let their thoughts and minds wander and imagine. The stark difference will not only give them the tool to find solace but hopefully it will be a clear discernment, oh that’s causing anxiety and fear and that fear only comes from one source, so I’ll look for what brings peace and cling to that.