back to school

I have no clue what happened but I’m almost 8 months pregnant, we have moved, the kids started school and I’m utterly exhausted. But really, I need a nap. But because napping is nonexistent on this General Conference Saturday I’ll give you a little update on life in case you’re curious.


First up! School started and both Cade and I were a tad emotional this year. I hate sending the kids off to a year of being away from me for most of the day, but we also felt so weird about having our youngest in Kindergarten. For so long we wanted another and were trying to feel peace about not being able to so sending her off to school felt like she was growing up too fast.

And our oldest, well I feel like she’s slipping through my fingers. Before you know it she will be off to college and the house wont be the same without her. I’m learning that 9 year olds are amazing at listening in on conversations, talking your ear off, having an opinion, and bossing siblings around, but boy do they have big, tender hearts, a desire to please and do good and so much understanding. I don’t know how to always keep my patience, I’m working on that, but in the meantime I do know that this little girl has a lot to teach me about life and I’m going to let her do just that.

changing out the blue for white,

Then there’s the house. We moved, during school, during my 7th month pregnant and all during a week where I had a gazillion doctor, maternal fetal medicine and blood work appointments. Not to mention the dreaded glucose test and rhogam shot. Yes, we like to really pile things on. I’ll save our home story for another day but it’s a 2 years in the making, and doing a few things that made us wonder if we really were following the promptings we were receiving or just being crazy. It all worked out perfectly and we have felt at home, really at home since the moment we started bringing in boxes. We will be sharing some changes we are making over the next few years, but first up was bringing some white back into the home. I adore it. Not all of you do, since you told us, lol. But it’s fresh and we feel happy.


We learned that our kids are incredible. Our oldest is amazing at organizing and helped us get unpacked in just under 2 days. Our youngest is super handy and while painting she was in charge of screwing on the plates. We had a long talk about not getting electrocuted first and it all went smoothly.


We are also trying to get things decorated which is very slow. We asked all of you on facebook which rug from RugsUsa you liked best and went with the one on the left. Can’t wait to see it when it arrives!

picture hanging hooks

I also discovered these picture hanging loops at Lowes. Have you seen them? No hammer needed, just push it through the dry wall and the loop flips up and braces itself inside your wall and can hold up to 50 lbs! Booyah!

creme de la crumb oh sweet basil

Deborah from Taste and Tell and Alyssa from The Recipe Critic, two of my favorite people, threw a baby shower up at Rodizio Grill, a Brazilian steak house with more pao de queijo than I can handle for Tiffany from Creme De La Crumb (she’s expecting twins and waiting to find out genders!!) and I. It was all kinds of wonderful.

The guest list included, Taste and Tell, The Recipe Critic, Creme De La Crumb, Barbara Bakes, Like Mother Like Daughter, Eat Cake For Dinner, The Stay at Home Chef, Your Cup of Cake, and Chef in Training . We laughed and chatted and just had the most lovely time.

hyperemesis gravidarum and pregnancy

And finally, I’ll be 8 months next week and I cannot decide how I feel. Physically I’m exhausted, not sleeping and getting sick again, mostly all night. It’s not bad at all and I could definitely handle this for the entire pregnancy. In case you haven’t you can read about our pregnancy announcement, our struggle with Hyperemesis and coming back from HG. We just cannot wait to meet the little man and feel so grateful we get to bring him into our family. Which is why I’m struggling, I feel like I want to stay pregnant forever because I know we probably wont get to do this ever again. The hardest trials always bring the sweetest blessings and that has proven so true. Thank you all for your love and support. I know your thoughts and prayers are what carried us and we are forever grateful. Now to buy everything we need like a recliner rocker!