I feel almost silly sharing this, but for some reason it’s making a huge difference in both of our days.

The kids get home earlier now and I tend to be busy doing this or that, trying to finish things up before they walk in the door.

A Soft Feeling

This last week I had this quiet, soft feeling to put things down and go wait on the front porch.

The first day was total shock, “Mom! What are you doing out here?!”

I put on a big smile, wrap her up and tell her I missed her and proceed to listen to the longest gab sesh that sometimes takes everything in me to continue to listen to.

A selfie of a mother and daughter standing outside the front door.

It’s Making All the Difference

Now every day she returns and I’m there waiting.

It’s so silly. It takes me being 1 minute early in putting my distractions aside to give her my cheerful, loving embrace.

And maybe its just me but it feels like it is making her the happiest kid on the block.

She stays happier too. More helpful. Less burdened.

I’m Her Safe Place

And then tonight I suddenly remembered what it felt like to be little, to be exhausted from the day and the drama that begins all too soon.

It’s nothing really, not in the scheme of things. Not compared to what she will battle for the rest of her life, but I remember how big those things felt back then.

So I’m her safe place.

Even as an adult I’ve gone home, seen my mom and dad at the door and just instantly felt safe and loved and seen again.

One Minute

One minute to make sure she feels everything.

Maybe it’s something you want to try too. The feels, even the reminder for me that I happen to love the heck out of these kids and coming home from school can be the best moment ever.