We’ve absolutely fallen in love with Mexico and it’s 100% because of where we stayed. The Best Place to Stay in Mexico is San Jose del Cabo.

a sunset beach with palm trees in mexico

I know, everyone always talks about Cabo San Lucas, but I’ll tell you right now, I think you should skip it. San Jose del Cabo is a smaller town and much more clean, quiet and local feeling. There’s still restaurants, in fact, the foodie scene is blowing up there, so if you’re like us that’s a win, but there’s also grocery stores and little shops so you aren’t missing out.

My favorite thing about San Jose del Cabo is where we stay. At Casa Mariposa. And no, I wasn’t paid to say that, it just is my new favorite destination.

a picture of a mansion in mexico for renting out weddings, parties and families

You know how you often come home from a vacation feeling like you need another vacation just to recover? I mean, especially after having children. The cleaning, organizing and packing before the vacation, the traveling and multiple bathroom trips even though you JUST TOOK THEM TO THE BATHROOM! and on and on. Then there’s the missed naps, late nights and over indulgence of food and treats that all add up to exhaustion instead of relaxation.

Except this time. This was a vacation that all vacations should be made from. This vacation was a dream and it all starts with that house.

a picture of a mansion in mexico for renting out weddings, parties and families

Whether you’re going for a family vacation or with friends and splitting the cost or just trekking off on an adventure with your own family like we did, it’s the best place to stay in Mexico. Man, it really is!!!

Casa Mariposa, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

I’m going to show you all of the photos and how much we are obsessed, but I’ll let you read about it over on their site so you can easily book your next vacation. Listen, time passes, money is spent, but memories and experiences last forever. So call your friends, book the house and go together. Go have that family reunion you’ve been dreaming of. Or heck, go by yourselves like we did.

It’s a private gated community with a private access to a private beach. Over 11,000 sq feet. In other words, it is a dream.

I’m not kidding, we’ve already emailed to book our next trip and will most likely return every single year. It’s going to be our place for our family from now on.

an infinity pool overlooking the beach and palm trees in san jose del cabo mexico


Flying in to San Jose Del Cabo is a cinch. It’s easy to make it through the little airport and most people speak English fluently. However, a few tips never hurt.

a sunset beach with palm trees in mexico

This area of the porch was my go-to every morning for the view and every evening for that fire pit. There’s a sound system that syncs with your phone so we would head out, listen to music, read and sleep.

a picture of a mansion in mexico for renting out weddings, parties and families

  1. Book your own rental car ahead of time. Yes, you could just book a private transfer like we did, but honestly, the location is private meaning that in order to get anywhere you’re going to pay a ridiculous amount of taxis. Although, we hardly left because why go anywhere?!
  2. Don’t worry about bringing anything for the beach except toys for toddlers. They’ve got volleyball, chairs, umbrellas etc.
  3. Keep Lupita on site to cook your meals for you. Trust me on this, she fantastic. She’s sweet and quiet, but a dang good cook and it’s a way better deal than going out to find all of your meals every day. We didn’t use her on the weekend which was fine as their were leftovers from her and we snagged a few things at the grocery store.
  4. Do make a small grocery run or have Carlos and Lupita do it for you. It’s really nice to have some late night snack options.
  5. DO NOT GO TO CABO. I mean, you can, but honestly it’s just crazy busy, crazy boozy at night and not as safe. Ok, you can go and hit up the movie theater or something in the early afternoon, but I see no point anymore.
  6. Go to Flora Farms for dinner one night. Make a reservation. It’s the best!
  7. Relax, don’t worry about getting out, just make this a vacation about you and the pool and the sun.
  8. If you do want to go out, hit up swimming with the dolphins. 
  9. Go to El Merkado if you’re looking for quick and easy eating. There’s a whole bunch of different restaurants inside from burgers to pizza and even The Office, a famous local joint is inside!

homemade chips, guacamole and salsa on a patio with palm trees and the beach and sea of cortez behind it

We arrived at the house and were greeted by homemade Mexican faves, chips, salsa and the best guacamole!

Every day we picked out what we wanted the next day so that Lupita could grocery shop for fresh ingredients!