hyperemesis gravidarum

Well, what can I say to all of you amazing readers and friends to truly express how we feel? Your emails, messages, comments and posts full of support and love after LAST WEEK’S POST have meant so much to us. We wanted to continue the updates on this journey with you all since you’re like family and we feel this great need to educate on what Hyperemesis Gravidarum really is since googling it really doesn’t give an accurate picture.

Speaking of pictures, this one is so typical of the girls. They came to visit and after coaxing the little one who was quite nervous, both snuggled up on the bed but the moment Cade started snapping pictures they turned on the smiles and poses without me even noticing. Typical.

So here’s the update, we are 10 weeks pregnant, and unfortunately I’m stuck in the hospital until the Dr. feels good about me heading home. Today I was at 88 pounds, which is obviously quite low. I try so hard to keep things down, but my body just doesn’t care. I was so low in weight and dehydrated Dr Haskett felt this was the best option. Tomorrow we will meet with the specialist who will discuss my case and if they would like a feeding tube. We are praying really hard that I respond well to everything tonight and that I can avoid that. We are also hoping that by Sunday I can return home, if not then I trust the doctors and do the best that I can to be healthy.

Baby on the other hand, well it’s doing great! It’s measuring only a few days behind and pretty much sucking every nutrient it can from me. We are thrilled that baby is doing so well and we know it’s an amazing blessing. In fact all of this is. I was chatting with my nurse earlier about how if this was 200 years ago I wouldn’t have survived pregnancy. What a tender mercy to be born at a time when modern medicine could sustain my life. There are blessings each and every day and while I definitely have shed some tears, Cade and I both agree that we feel like our burden is light right now. We are seeing blessings each day and feel so positive about everything. It stinks, but we aren’t alone and can’t complain because we know the miracle that will be in our arms next fall/winter.

Thank you all for your prayers and love. It gets us by each day to read your new comments and emails. We can’t thank you enough.