If my mother was in this picture it would be three women who have influenced my life the most. I got to spend time with @sheri_dew and @elainedalton when we spoke at @tofw_timeoutforwomenand it was pretty surreal.


My Mom

My mother taught me to first love. Love others, love yourself and when in doubt the answer is always love again. That’s been a hard lesson at times as it’s easier to judge others and ourselves.


Sheri Dew

I was very young when I first heard Sheri speak and I can still remember the powerful burning I felt within my chest when she said, make no mistake, you were born at this exact moment in time because you and your specific talents were needed. God loves and trusts his daughters to stand and change the world right now.


Elaine Dalton

And later in life when Elaine taught me that a virtuous woman was a woman who seeks out truth, was kind, honest, hard working and so on.


 Who I Belong to

Three women most of all taught me that I was a beloved daughter of a sweet, gentle Heavenly Father. Not just a God of the universe, but my father who was more on my team, loved me perfectly, believed in me more than anyone else ever could.

I learned my worth. 

Which I now feel has been so important living in a world where a week doesn’t go by that I don’t get DMs or emails telling me how awful I am or advice on clueing in because I’m so wrong about so much. 

I raised my personal bar and standards even higher and vowed to continue to do so so that those who came in contact with me always left feeling higher and better about themselves and life because of three women.

Not celebrities.

Not self help speakers.

Three women. Because women are the greatest influence our world has right now, for good or bad.

I’m far from perfect, but I hope to one day have made an impact on at least three little lives the way these women did in mine. I hope my children will feel that I lived up to the things I know are true.

Who changed you for the better?