Oh man, it’s time for our basement bedroom reveals and we are so excited!! We went for clean and simple, modern with a touch of traditional.

a black iron bed frame with light grey duvet and grey, blue and white pillows. nightstand with a glass globe light hanging down over the nightstand

Is it weird that redoing our basement actually taught us a lot about life? It’s been so, so busy picking things out and making decisions that this past month I found myself doing something I didn’t expect, I stopped working on the basement. These basement bedroom reveals are everything to us, but they definitely aren’t what we envisioned, they are better, but different.

How’s that for confusing?

Here’s the thing, I don’t like design. It’s not my thing. I’d rather figure the most amazing pancake recipe, and I did… Melt in Your Mouth Buttermilk Pancakes, but design, no thanks. It stresses me out, doesn’t come easy to me, and I hate forking out all of that money.

We had felt it though. Finishing our basement wasn’t just because we thought it would be fun, but because this Christmas we had literally felt inspired to do it. So we threw caution to the wind and jumped in with both feet.

And don’t forget to check out Becky Kimball, our lovely photographer for all these photos.

a black iron bed frame with light grey duvet and grey, blue and white pillows. nightstand with a glass globe light hanging down over the nightstand

Park City Blinds and Design

Once things were moving along and it was time to fill the rooms I seriously wanted to stop the whole process. The stress had hit. And then, and I mean, like within a day we discovered Park City Blinds and Design. If you aren’t following them on Instagram, get yourselves on over there,  such beautiful inspiration. We ran out to PC and visited their gorgeous showroom, and got totally inspired.

We learned soooo much too. But I have to take you back in time to explain…

Elsie Mahe

Elsie Mahe lived in our neighborhood, a little toddler with the most darling family, including a dad who coaches BYU football. This sweet little girl accidentally got a cord from the blinds wrapped around her neck and passed away. It was incredibly tragic for our neighborhood and I’ve felt multiple times in this build process that our basement blinds should be cordless. In fact, I’m desperate to switch out our entire house, but that’s going to take some time.

So we started there. We got inspired by our window coverings and learned one thing I never knew.

natural weave cordless blinds for windows

Buy High Quality Window Coverings

I’ve always loved a good deal, but I learned quickly that when you use the cheapest curtain rods the room automatically looks less pulled together and yes, I took to the internet, and it really was true! On top of that, we had previously learned that buying and installing blinds pretty much never fits right, so when we heard that they would come out, measure, fit, and install the blinds I was alllllll in!

Thankfully they are also really good at what they do, so they also guided us on colors and textures and brands that would be the right fit for us. Nothing too crazy expensive, but also not the cheapest stuff that would look awful and more importantly, not end up lasting a long time, which is also a big deal to us.

We started with the windows and everything else fell into place. We are so glad we partnered with Park City Blinds and Design, for a million reasons, but especially because of how incredible they look!

natural weave cordless blinds for windows

The blinds are super cool too, you merely push and pull them with just one hand! So simple, clean, and lovely.

We lined this particular bedroom because it faces a direction that more light would be pouring in once morning hit.

The rest of the rooms were kept simple. This room started off with the blinds, but it was actually that side table that came next. I’d bought it for another room but ended up loving it in here. It gave guests a place to sit things and  helped to break up that long wall.

Black iron bed frame with grey bedding

The Truth About the Bed

The bed honestly isn’t our favorite, I’ll link up to it but it’s not very sturdy and was a real beast to get together. If it hadn’t been such a hassle I would have bought a new one by now. The sheets and bedding are worth it though.

Our Favorite Sheets After Trying So Many

We asked and asked about sheets on social media, and ended up trying out a few different kinds which we didn’t like. And then came Sweet Sheets. Seriously the most soft sheets ever and they haven’t pilled or stretch even a little bit! Winning!

And best of all, there’s more than just the standard white, so buy whatever suits your needs.

stay awhile signs with wood frames

Oh my goodness, and the signs! I’m obsessed and we are totally loading them into our shop asap (that’s right, we are creating a shop where you can easily buy all of our favorite things anytime!) They are a team effort between the Etsy Shop, SK Wood Designs and Cade and I. We wanted them simple and clean, but to also immediately make our guests feel welcome and at ease.

Discount Code for Oh Sweet Basil Readers

Oh and Kim has been nice enough to offer you all 10% off! Just use the code, OHSWEETBASIL10 

Emerie Lane Letter Board with taco quote

All Wood Letter Board

This wood letter board is also a new favorite. We see all the same letter boards everywhere and were super excited when we found this one from Emerie Lane! It’s so, so fun to leave little messages, quotes and even access to our guest wifi. You totally should snag one.

Urban Outfitters Black Round Mirror over a simple side table with a modern floor plant #modern #bedroomUrban Outfitters Black Round Mirror over a simple side table with a modern floor plant

See that little grey dome on the table? Every single one of us have a Dohm sound machine in our rooms as it drowns out those crazy 4 am birds. We thought our guests might sleep better in a strange place with a little white noise too.

hanging globe pendant over bedside table

Our bedside lights were a total win. We got them on facebook page, but they are originally from West Elm . We ran them through a simple wood bracket for $5!

Now it comes to the part where I tell you that it’s not what I expected. If I was a designer I would have finished decorating those side tables, thrown down a rug and maybe a little more artwork and some fun pillows, but I didn’t. And I’m glad.

Letting Go

After a while I noticed that I was spending so much time searching websites and stores for the perfect pieces, stressing over things I couldn’t find and overall not connecting with my family like I should so in a quick decision I ditched it all. I don’t feel bad about it either. The rooms are totally live-able and perfect just how they are. I don’t need things totally finished up to be happy, I need my family. Maybe one day if I happen upon some great pieces I’ll buy them, but until then, I’m good.

Scroll through the links and feel free to drop your own links in the comments for anything you think would work well in the space.

Urban Outfitters Black Round Mirror over a simple side table with a modern floor plant #modern #bedroom

white bedding and natural weave cordless blinds

guest bedroom reveal

guest bedroom reveal

guest bedroom reveal

guest bedroom reveal

guest bedroom reveal

guest bedroom reveal

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