I’ve been on the hunt for the best books for a toddler boy and I definitely have found them! These are all of the books for little boys you’ve been wanting!

the best books for a toddler boy, the complete list to get you started ohsweetbasil.com

More importantly than our suggestions, you all should leave your suggestions as well. We have an amazing readership of parents that have great advice so if we didn’t list one of your faves just leave it in the comments so other readers can benefit from it.

the best books for a toddler boy, the complete list to get you started ohsweetbasil.com

Since having a boy there is a definite difference between boys and girls and our little guy just is not interested in the same things our girls were. So, we’ve had to really revamp the children’s books in our house and these are the best books for a toddler boy as we are really big fans of reading with our children. Remember our post on 12 Things You Must do With Your Daughter Before She’s Grown? Exactly my point.

The best books for a toddler boy and exactly why we love them! ohsweetbasil.com

Little Blue Truck

This Little Blue Truck book is one of our favorites. I love all of the subtle lessons in it and you better believe those are lessons that are just as important for the parents as it is for the kids.

Trains Go 

Trains Go and Diggers Go are all we have right now, but we will soon be getting all of the Steve Light Books because our little guy loves seeing the fun pictures of his favorite things and the sounds that go with them.

How do Dinosaurs say goodnight, the pout pout fish, duck on a bike and so many more of the best books for toddler boys ohsweetbasil.com

How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight

This book is sweet and all about the things a Dinosaur shouldn’t be doing when it’s bedtime. The ending is the best part and we shower our little boy with so many kisses he giggles and giggles. How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? You’ll have to read to find out!

Planes, Cars, Trucks, and Trains

Planes, cars, trucks and trains is a great flap book with words, colors, shapes and all the moving things little boys love. Each page has multiple flaps to life and look for all sorts of things like hiding monkeys and starfish to keep your little one entertained.

The Whispering Rabbit

These sweet Whispering Rabbit book is all about a little bunny who is so very tired and when he yawns a little bee flies in and falls asleep in his throat. The rabbit asks all sorts of friends how to wake up the bee and finally figures it out and tucks himself in for a nap. It gently puts a busy toddler boy to sleep every time.

The best toddler boy books and stories ohsweetbasil.com

The Napping House

One of my all time favorite books as a kid, The Napping House is full of beautiful, dreamy pictures and a sweet story about Grandma’s house and everyone that’s taking a nap, until chaos hits. I love their response to being awoken and am changing my personal responses to when things go crazy at my house. But don’t worry, it’s a simple book kids love which is why it’s on The Best Books for a Toddler Boy list.

Duck on a Bike

Ever seen a duck on a bike? Neither have these farm animals but their judgments against Duck quickly get turned around when a bunch of kids arrive and leave their bikes on the farm. I wonder what the animals will do…

How I Became a Pirate

A cute story about a little boy on the beach who becomes a pirate and his adventures. How I became a pirate is perfect for little guys!

I am Bunny

When I was little I loved when my mom would read me all about this little bunny and the changing seasons. I am Bunny is an older Golden Book but it’s so sweet.

Goodnight Moon

Everyone needs fun new books, but it’s the classics you should be sure to fill a child’s library with. This story is so sweet and simple which is perfect for a little toddler who’s about to go to bed and needs to say goodnight to everything, everyon and of course, Goodnight Moon too.

The Little Blue Truck and all the other books for toddler boys ohsweetbasil.com

Pokey Little Puppy

Don’t dig holes under fences or you wont get dessert! This pokey little puppy has such a sense of curiosity and can’t help but get out and explore, but the Pokey Little Puppy never makes it home in time for his mother to get him in trouble and have him skip dessert so he always get’s his treat, until  one night…

Love You Forever

My all-time favorite book! When I was in kindergarten our class sang the song while our teacher read the Love you Forever book to our mothers for Mother’s Day. It has been my favorite ever since. Every little child goes through so much to grow up but in the end, we will love them forever and in return, they will love us too.

A Friend For Sam

Oh how we love the Sam books! I can’t wait to buy more. A sweet little dog who has all kinds of innocent adventures. This book is all about Sam finding the perfect friend for her, but a friend for Sam ends up not being another animal at all.

Llama Llama Books

Baby Llama wants a drink before bed, but Mama Llama is taking too long! This cute little book about mommy loving you even when she isn’t with you captures our toddler’s attention every time. Llama Llama books are sure to be a favorite.

Pajama Time

This cute little book about getting into bed and all the different pajamas the animals wear is such a fun way to talk about bedtime and sing a little song too! Pajama Time is under $6 too!

What’s Wrong Little Pookie

Pookie is upset but he won’t tell his mom why. She has to guess at all the reasons and it gets pretty silly but the ending is one every mother can relate to.

The Pout Pout Fish

The pout pout fish spends his life with a frown until one fish changes everything.

A Dinosaur Goes to Church

Our favorite book to haul to church is A Dinosaur Goes to Church. It can be hard to sit still and be reverent but this little dinosaur can do it!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See

The repetition in this book is perfect for little ones that are normally go, go, go! Plus it teaches colors and animals! Brown Bear, Brown Bear is an easy to read book too!

I love you so story book ohsweetbasil.com

I Love You So

How much do you love me? Much, much more than you know… This darling book is all about a mother’s love. I love you so says perfectly what I feel each day.

I've been on the hunt for the best books for a toddler boy and I definitely have found them! These are all of the books for little boys you've been wanting!