Thirst Quenching Drink Recipes Non Alcoholic

You may be surprised by how delicious a non alcoholic drink can be! We’ve gathered the best thirst quenching drink recipes non alcoholic so everyone from kids to adults (even drinks for pregnant or nursing mommas) can enjoy!

Smoothies and fun drinks are a great way to teach kids how to be comfortable in the kitchen too. For example, our girls started making smoothies and protein shakes with us for breakfast and soon enough our daughter had made her own kid-friendly chocolate banana smoothie bowl!

Her Strawberry Frozen Lemonade is a hit all summer long too. Don’t even ask how many lemonade stands they’ve done.

Cade and I started to teach them by having them help with our green smoothie freezer prep. How to put the right amounts into little bags in the freezer so we can quickly make a breakfast smoothie.

As winter rolled around we made the best hot cocoa ever.

Finally, there are lots of favorites so make sure you try these too: