Childhood is, in my opinion, the absolute most important time in someone’s life.

It’s what completely shapes who we will become, what we will know and who we will love and hold close.

The rest of our lives seem to be spent fixing the weaknesses developed back then.

I’m working harder than ever at raising children.

That’s it, just being a good mom so that they can be good people.Agree or disagree?

“My heart is beating.”

He slowly walked behind the couch to where we were sitting.


Well, sure enough, it is!

“So what does that mean?”

It means you’re alive. ❤️

“Oh good”

a photo of a young cute boy sitting on a couch

Beating Heart

I kind of get it, you know? We’ve been living this weird life. It almost makes the world sound and feel muted. And how is that even possible because has the world ever been in such commotion?

But there was something about his words that I can’t shake, “my heart is beating.”

Each of us, beating hearts, aches and loves, worries and joys.

But there have been a lot of hearts stopping lately and somehow I wonder if I should be finding more gratitude in each breath and beat.

Losing Loved Ones

This has been a heavy year of deaths for Cade and I. The most recent just a few weeks ago and totally caught us by surprise.

We gathered and cried.

But with covid, I feel like we haven’t mourned yet. Postponing the mourning doesn’t feel good or right. But it is 2020.

“My heart is beating.”

So many aren’t. In memory of those we’ve lost this year, maybe we could remember those who are silently mourning. Anyone else lost someone or about to?