Last night I learned a good lesson. And not just that I’m so totally not used to being up past 10 pm 👵🏻 In full transparency, this has been a year of great change for me and last night was another gentle nudge.

I haven’t been to a football game or even watched much lately. With time I had slowly began to not care and didn’t feel like my life was lacking anything at all. I’d moved on. I was a different person and that was fine.

But the truth is this, when I don’t have things right in front of me I become distant and disengaged.

I’m not good at soccer or football on the TV because it’s harder for me to feel invested in it. It’s harder to focus on the plays and the buzz I feel from being there in person.

Slowly I had forgotten I stinking love it!

I love being there! I love the competition and the feeling of unity with the crowd! I LOVE IT!!!

I need to be present in order to be engaged. I need to be close up and I need to be there to keep feelings alive in me.

Not keeping constant focus and attention can make you forget who you are and what makes you feel.

Being too busy or always looking forward to date night as an escape from kids can make you forget what a joy they are. (You still need date night, but for the right reasons)

Not being at church diligently can make you feel you don’t need it, but maybe you’re just like me, you’ve allowed distance to create forgetfulness of what makes your heart sing.

Not making marriage your priority instead of your daily tasks can make you feel distant. But maybe you’re just like me. Maybe you just forgot to be there. Invested in each other. The unity. The buzz.

The list goes on and on.

I love being together and cheering for a common purpose. I’d just allowed distance to cloud my view.
Don’t let me forget this time, constant focus and presence matters.