It’s been oddly quiet.

I don’t know why or even what it is. I just have this stale air around me. Like I see everyone coming and going and living and I’m having a wonderful summer with my sweet husband and kids but even amongst the laughter and fun it’s oddly quiet.

Comfortable Silence

You know when you are so comfortable with someone you can just ride in the car and not say anything at all but be totally content?

God doesn’t always talk to me.

And that used to make me uncomfortable, “ummmm so what are you thinking about? You haven’t said anything for awhile. Are you still there?”

But He is.

Cruising with Him

He’s just riding next to me, smiling a little and taking us to places I didn’t even know I wanted to go. Maybe even a little Bon Jovi, “livin’ on a prayer” blasting.

I bet He likes the music turned up, windows down and me by His side.

Maybe that’s all it is. Maybe we are just halfway between here and there and we’ve settled in for the rolling plains and mile markers for a bit. ❤️❤️