I went to church without makeup, but there’s a story about dad.

He’s struggling with healing though he might not love that I’m admitting the truth to you all. It’s ok that he might not ever be the same, but today I thought of his lesson.

The Dad Timer

I had a timer for awhile as a teenager that told me to get out of the shower.


I miiiiiiiight have been a long shower taker. But it wasn’t a bell, it was my dad.

And it buuuuugged.

After a while dad would come knock at the door and tell me to get out and then I’d roll my eyes as I proceeded to get ready, all dressed, towel on my head, bathroom door open and lights off (duh because you always look better without those bright yellow bathroom lights on 😂) as I slowly applied my makeup.

Then I’d hear it, the honking of the horn and flinging open of the door as someone yelled that we were going to be late to church. I’d yell back, “I’ll drive myself!!!!”

A photo of a mother with no makeup on sitting next to her daughters on a couch.

Lessons from Dad

Dad put his arm around me one day and said, “Carri, if getting ready or makeup ever make you late or you find you have to sacrifice in order to get ready like waking up ridiculously early then you have forgotten that you’re beautiful because you’re my daughter and you’ve let the vanities of the world in too deep. Be on time, especially to church, even if you have to go without makeup. And one day, the boy that will love you forever will be the one that loves you most of all when you’ve washed your face at night. Be natural, then occasionally get dolled up and let people be in awe because it’s something special and pretty vs every time you get ready. You’re beautiful because you love & show it, no amount of makeup can ever create that kind of beauty.”

Ugh. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🙄
He obviously didn’t know anything.

Am I Vain?

Slowly but surely I found myself looking in the mirror and wondering if I was vain. That’s a hard truth.

There really is a peace that comes from being ok with who you are when all things pass away.

Happy and Confident No Matter What

If the world falls apart next year and you can’t wear makeup, get Botox, your clothes are two years old and your car has a dent in the bumper, will you still stand head held high?

I want my girls to see me just as happy and confident just as I am so they feel enough too.