Death is such a strange thing. It brings people together but can also push them apart. It’s a tragic and mean part of mortality, but also a beautiful reminder that life is eternal and peace eventually comes.

Most of all, death stills the world and makes it so loudly silent.

So Thankful We are Home

On the day we would have been traveling on a trip we’d planned and saved 16 years for, we got news we would not have gotten so quickly if on a 16 hour flight. Cade has spent the last few days balancing the emotions and prayers to help a family member heal and come back around to slowly changing to prayers of release from anguish and suffering.

Yesterday that step through the door we never see but always know is there happened.

I’m beyond grateful we were not out of town. A blessing we had no idea we would need. I’m grateful to live at such a time that allowed us the chance to whisper, “I love you” and say our goodbyes.

a black and white photo of a husband and wife

Standing Together

I’m grateful for peace and a desire to trust.

I’ve watched as yet another loss for our family, the 4th since August, has stirred the heavens once again.

I’m watching as Cade and his family teach me a beautiful example of standing together. There’s no talk, there’s just standing and going to the rescue of one in grief.

Eyes and Heart Wide Open

Each death this year has had my eyes and heart wide open for some reason. I find myself feeling and learning and making decisions right now about what I will do and how I will choose to feel and act when more suffering comes. It seems almost odd to say, but I feel growth through this all. It feels significant to my life. Let me tell you, in 16 years of marriage, Cade and I have sadly attended more funerals of children to adults than any other event (yes, we counted) even 11 in one year at one point.

Death is a Comma

Life seems mean at times, but nothing like death. The pain of trying to part soul and body, the suffering and confusion.

But I remain sure, death is a comma, not a period.

They live on and we will be reunited in unimaginable love, peace and joy.

I remain certain, death is a gift. A loving Father in Heaven brings His children back into His loving/living arms to be happy forever.

But it still hurts.