It’s here!! Your trip to Disneyland has begun and you can’t wait to get to the park, but suddenly you realize you don’t know where to eat outside of Disneyland!

Anaheim places to eat breakfast

Our first trip to Disneyland was so exciting and we were reading all the tips and tricks we could find about the park, what to pack, where to eat, how to get fast passes etc, but we forgot one important thing. We were not in the park every day of our trip, so while posts like, The Ultimate Eating Guide to Disneyland were helpful, it didn’t cover everything we needed.

anaheim packing district

Suddenly we were driving around trying to find restaurants on the days we weren’t inside the gates and we had a few flops that taught us an important lesson, we needed to know where to eat outside of Disneyland as much as, if not more than what to eat inside the park.

Anaheim Packing District and where to eat outside of Disneyland

Anaheim Packing House

First, and most important, get yourself over to the Anaheim Packing District. We pretty much only eat there now. It has something for everyone in one place, it’s REAL, FRESH food and it has an amazing vibe about it. Plus, Pandor is there and Pandor is my favorite place in the whole world right now.

Oh, what’s that you say, you also don’t know what to do on the days you aren’t at Disneyland? Don’t worry, they have events, live music, art, and so much more. The atmosphere is perfection. I linked to it above, so go to the site and scroll through the photos. I miss it there already. There’s everything from healthy foods to comfort food with a side of bacon. IT’S HEAVEN.

Click on Merchants to see who’s there and what there food is like ahead of time and then plan on Pandor for breakfast and dessert.

Anaheim Packing District
440 South Anaheim Blvd, #214
Anaheim, CA 92805

Honestly, our list doesn’t need to be very long because we mostly ate here.

Anaheim Packing District and where to eat outside of Disneyland

Pandor Bakery

It’s a wall of Nutella. If that’s not a good sign, I’m not sure what is.

I’m about to blow your mind. This is the best bakery I’ve been to in a long time. Don’t you dare miss it. It’s located in the APD so I know I just said all of that above, but this is the one spot in there you can’t miss.

Pandor bakery is the best restaurant in Anaheim for breakfast, especially for kids

For breakfast, order crepes for the kids.

Pandor Bakery french toast with nutella

Your husband wants the Nutella french toast.

Anaheim Packing District Pandor Bakery

And then get all fancy like with the Newporter for yourself. It’s a fresh croissant with egg, ham and a bechamel sauce that will leave you in tears it’s just that good.

pandor bakery dornut

Now, throw out your jeans, pull on some sweats and order yourself a Dornut. It’s croissant dough fried into a doughnut.

“Have mercy”

Phew, Uncle Jesse appeared out of nowhere!

It’s heaven and you’d be plain silly not to get it. Sure, they’ll have to roll you out of there, but you’ll be singing one happy tune when they do.

Anaheim Packing District
440 South Anaheim Blvd, #214
Anaheim, CA 92805

Panera Bread

Uhhhh, is it awkward I’m brining up another bakery? It’s not Pandor, but it’s right by Disneyland and it’s great for a quick breakfast or lunch. I order the oatmeal, or a soup and salad while Cade gets sandwiches. It’s easy, it’s familiar and it isn’t deep fried which you’ll get enough of in Disneyland.

1480 Harbor BlvdAnaheim, CA 92802
(714) 533-2900

Pizza Press

I have no clue where the picture went. I must have deleted it after being underwhelmed, haha. Just like our Disneyland guide, I wanted to mention a few places worth skipping. Pizza Press is one of those. Just not our favorite. A chain restaurant would have been better.

Lucille's bbq

Lucille’s BBQ

Here’s a chain that’s totally great for families. It’s BBQ, you can’t go wrong. And the platters are ginormous so plan on splitting with someone. It’s a great way to enjoy a family dinner and not have to buy everyone a separate meal.

4050 W. Chapman Ave

Orange, CA 92868

Corazon Cocina

Get the tacos, one of each kind and enjoy yourself some Mexican. I mean, you are in California where Mexican food is a staple.

11001 Chapman Ave
Ste B
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Anaheim Outlets

The Anaheim Outlets are where we got our Jamba Juice Acai bowls for a quick and healthy lunch, or snagged a quick dinner. Here’s the Anaheim Outlets Dining Guide, there’s plenty to choose from, it’s only 8 minutes from Disney and you can get in some shopping as this is a HUGE outlet mall.

Captain Kidd’s

Run from this one. It’s convenient but nothing else. I’m sorry, I feel bad saying that but I also hate to waste money, and you will waste money.


Soggy, flavorless chicken and waffles. You can decide on this one, but we didn’t love it.

t's here!! Your trip to Disneyland has begun and you can't wait to get to the park, but suddenly you realize you don't know where to eat outside of Disneyland!