Embrace the uncertain.

It is only in the uncertain that we become certain of Him.

Blessings of Journaling

One of my best friends happens to work for us and a few months ago she gave me a book of all my personal inklings and thoughts, and I’ve witnessed the sweetest miracle in having that book.

I’ve always hated journaling. It’s a real struggle for me to enjoy writing, especially about my own life. But having that book has been an incredible gift of moments that I didn’t even realize I’d been gathering. In reading through I’ve been able to see how I was being prepared for this last year. I often wrote starting in 2018 that I had a feeling something was coming. That feeling was powerful and came often. But it wasn’t the only one.

Difference Between Fear and Redirection

A few experiences kept pulling me to study the difference between fear and redirection. Have you ever struggled with that? Is this move the right one? Am I nervous or is this a feeling to not do it? How can I tell the difference?

I marked up book after book, scripture after scripture and slowly found myself feeling more clearly. In 2019 a pull to better understand peace and hearing him which bled into the study of meekness and gratitude in 2020. Year after year, study after study, gathering a little light here and there.

Uncertainty and Certainty

Last year taught me a lot about the uncertain, but it taught me even more about certainty. What I’m certain of. WHO I’m certain of.

I’m not sure what is to come in this next year, but I’m sure that I’ll continue to be guided if I’ll continue to listen and keep walking forward with eyes of gratitude. With eyes that are willing to glance back, wide open with gratitude and wonder as I acknowledge the path that can only become clear when we remember where we were and where we now stand.

Never Look Back

That phrase, never look back, I think it’s always been a half truth. I think you should look back, you just shouldn’t try to go there. I look back and recognize the gifts and because I do that there seem to be more placed in the path ahead of me.

Embrace the uncertain. There is where He is.