A photo of Cade and I.

I fell apart last night. I couldn’t write. I could only cry. How could heaven have paired me with someone so perfectly suited for this trial in life? Cade was meant to be mine.

Cade is Superman and not just because of his muscles. 😍😏 Cade kept our home perfectly, immaculately clean for me knowing I like a clean home and any ounce of dirt made me more sick. He cleaned and vacuumed, and even scrubbed the toilet every day. The kids were fed, taken everywhere and not a beat of life was missed.

But most of all, most of all this sweet, strong man carried me…


He physically lifted me in and out of bed, carried me up and down the stairs, picked me up off the ground and held me when I’d pass out from vomiting so nonstop I couldn’t breath.

And he bathed me.

My grown man of a husband had to bathe his wife.

Gently he’d lift me into the tub as I couldn’t last long standing in the shower. He’d quietly wash my hair and me and I’d cry. I’d cry because as much as you love someone, as much as you think you’ve been married for forever and know everything, every embarrassing detail there’s nothing like the true humility and the ultimate act of love that comes from bathing someone whose body is too weak and sick to do it themselves.

And the water, my gosh the water. Remember how it was my thing? Just the feel of it on my body would send my insides upside down. Even wet hair after had me wanting to die. So again, Cade carefully lifted me in one strong swoop of his arms, his strong back and shoulders carrying just as much emotionally as physically and he’d set me on the bed, plug in the blow dryer and dry my hair, softly combing through each strand, wiping any pieces from my cheeks.

We often get asked how we did this together, how it didn’t drive us apart. This is how. He served. He remembered that I had worth and was fighting a battle. And once I was better I chose to start healing and living. I’ve chosen to care for his heart for the rest of his life as he did my body for nine months.

Unfortunately we were right, coming home made me violently ill, but it was Monday now and Tuesday was important to me.