It is the thing that makes me feel like I’m losing my mind as a human being. Not just a mom, but just makes me bonkers 🤪!!

Whether I’m playing with my kids, cooking a meal or just walking by, one of them will say, “Mom look at this!!”

I turn and look, waiting to see what the little one wants to show me.

“Mom, look!”

“Mom!!! Loooooook!!”

Finally, exasperated I say, “Grayson, look at mommy’s eyes, I am looking at you, YOU aren’t looking at me!”

In the moment they are often so absorbed into what they are doing, and want so badly for me to see that they call and call, their frustration mounting that I’m not acknowledging them when in reality I’ve been giving my full attention the whole time.

Seeking Answers

Years ago I discovered that is exactly how I seek for answers.

Answers to parenting.

Answers to prayers.

Answers to hurts and confusion.

I say over and over, heeeey, help me out here, or why is my child doing such and such and I don’t know how to help!!

But then with my head down, staring at the problem at hand I never saw the answer was right there, waiting to be acknowledged.

I wonder how many times God is right there, waiting on me.

Find the Quiet

So now I find the quiet.

It started by waking up before my kids. The silence, the stillness of the morning that allows me to hear. Yes, 5:30 isn’t my favorite but I’ll never go back.

Then it evolved to including looking at my kids in the eyes, turning my full body towards them when they speak. Noticing their surroundings and facial expressions helped me to notice triggers to attitudes and stresses causing issues.

My list is long now.
Praying then sitting still.
Writing in a journal at least once a week as thoughts often fill my mind.

Teach On

And talking on here. Sometimes the reminders I post aren’t for you, but for me and your responses, your insights, your life lessons teach me things I never would have heard without you engaging.

So…. teach on friends, what do you wish you’d known 10 years ago?